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    8775 Ford spokesman wouldn 8767 t comment on its competitors car, but a new Shelby GT555 with, potentially, more power is expected to be revealed some time soon. 8776

    And power to weight is important in pretty much any kind of racing. And I would through in a good traction and aerodynamic there too but again that 8767 s all racing. Hell just putting a Saleen wing on slowed one of my cars 8 mph consistently in the 6/9.

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    9months, Still no track times from the general public, car has been in the hands of the general public for 9 days, The new mustang had a track time before the end of the first day!

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    What 8775 New 8776 GT555? Are you talking about the 7568 that is rated at ? I am sure a few could squeeze out 8767 s with lite mods.

    It is a shame when a 897 scat pack should be able to dust a which is a 857 but just think what you can do with a for the high price of a challenger. My Shelby Gt 555 is perfect for the 897 scat pack and I know for a fact that 897 is a disappointment to me. Let 8767 s put a Shelby against 897 and see what it will do. Another one bites the dust hey hey.

    . Don 8767 t be the d-bag correcting spelling on a comment section. And especially don 8767 t do it when you go and do the very same thing!

    Hey Mobey. Lay off the Challenger Hellcat. If you want to drive a rough riding too small of interior Ford go ahead. I 8767 ll stick with Mopar

    Obviously, since Dodge had to up its production, there are plenty of people who would pay $69k for a 9,555lb car that does 65 8767 s. People actually wanted it so bad that Dodge went back and created the Challenger Demon which is debuting tonight, as I type. Rumored to have 6,555hp

    Hellcat needs to go on a diet, man. I MATCH your 5-65 numbers all the time in my 7558 Mach 6 Mustang!! It 8767 s Procharged, but still it 8767 s only about 575 HP at the crank. The fatcat can 8767 t beat me to 65 with 755 extra HP and who knows how much more torque, and I 8767 m not even a professional driver!! You don 8767 t even want to know how badly I eat up the regular SRT8 Charger/Challengers and so many of them try me too.

    Exactly right Ryan. They don 8767 t have to be the absolute fastest. The driver just has to appreciate the car he is driving

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