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    6) While browsing this site I found the 8775 Simple Trading Plan Template 8776 and the strategies discussed are different from the book? Are these to enhance and use with the book strategies or entirely different ones?
    7) When the Bear market starts taking over the Bulls do you have an outlined strategy to search for equites and implement the trade for short positions?
    8) I would like to trade forex as well. Do the daily and weekly breakout charts work with currency pairs or is there a slight modification to them.
    9) Finally is there a MAC compatible forex tester like the Forex 7 if not does anyone know if it works well through Parallels.

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    A final note on taxes and reporting: as you try out the various dealers' platforms, you will find that certain functions are common across most software. The devil is in the details, which can determine the difference between profits and losses.

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    6) I have £555 to use for trading and i noticed that when i 8767 m trying to calculate the number of shares i could buy, i 8767 m only allowed to buy 6 or 7 shares. Is the amount of money i 8767 m trading with is too small or should i stop leveraging?

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    This video series is a step-by-step guide to preparing your research tools and desktop so that you are ready to follow the trading rules in my book.

    7) I do have short only systems, although they tend to be geared towards single issues. Developing profitable short sytems is harder to do than developing long systems. Further, I prefer buying puts when it comes to shorting the market as opposed to simply borrowing the shares. Another key part of my screening process when it comes to bear markets is that I want to be short stocks which have a high number of recent negative earnings revisions.

    I might have covered this in a previous post but if you are trying to meet every single criteria (both fundamental and technical), it is not uncommon to find periods whereby no stocks will meet all of the rules. In fact, one of the benefits to applying fundamental criteria to a predominantly technical strategy is that you might avoid buying stocks when the market is over-valued or if earnings or revenues begin to disappoint, etc etc.

    Coversely, if you had a company which posted , , , you would be wary of the YOY comps coming up next quarter because you 8767 d be coming up against what looks like a one-time earnings event (the unusually high EPS).

    Thanks for buying the book and getting in touch. There are some serious limitations when using the trial version. The biggest one being that you can 8767 t save data. Furthermore, scans and explorations are limited to five tickers at a time.

    Again your book is the best I have read for folks like me trying to make sense of the industry and I like I 8767 m sure many others are very grateful.

    Is it normal to go several days to weeks without finding a setup that meets all the rules of the daily and weekly breakouts?

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