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    These filter stocks based on the number of days in a row the stock has closed up for the day. This analysis is based completely on the closing price of the stock on a daily chart. This always starts with the close of the previous trading day, and works backwards from there. Negative numbers represent down days.

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    You can filter these alerts the same way as other highs and lows, with one difference. We start counting the number of days from today's close. So a value of 6 day means that the high was higher than today's high, but not higher than the previous day's high. If that same print had happened before the market closed, it would have generated an alert with a value of 5 days. More details

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    These filters work from the official highs and lows for the day. This typically does not update after the market closes.

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    This page describes the web based version of the product. Trade-Ideas Pro offers similar functionality in a traditional application, rather than a web page. Our API allows you to embed the same functionality into your own applications and web sites.

    Buying a call is typically a bullish move, so we draw an arrow pointing up. Buying a put is typically a bearish move, so our icon for this points down. Of course, for every buyer, there must have been a seller, so use these with caution.

    Check "Display alerts at full speed" to make the alert window act more like other software. In this mode alerts are displayed approximately as quickly as they occur. Sometimes this mode makes it easier to see the speed at which alerts are arriving. Uncheck this item to use batched update mode. Batched update mode is the recommended setting. In this mode the screen only updates every few seconds. Each time it updates, a blue horizontal line separates the new data from the old data. Batched mode makes it easy to click on a link or to copy and paste from the window.

    Though prior knowledge and experience are not strictly required, it is important that you understand that trading involves risk. Our online trading service is educational in nature and will be of best value to you if you can monitor the markets real time.

    Our proprietary filtering removes the most insignificant moves. More filtering options related to these alerts are listed below.

    A stock’s standard deviation is similar to its average true range or its volatility. It tells you how quickly the stock’s price typically moves. Roughly speaking, this says how much a stock price moves on a typical day.

    By default the heartbeat alert occurs once every 5 minutes for each stock. Enter a larger number to see the alert less frequently. Enter , for example, to see approximately one alert per stock every 7 and one half minutes.

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