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    The financial part of a business plan includes various financial statements that show where your company currently stands and where it expects to be in the near future. This information helps you determine how much financing your business needs and helps outsiders determine whether lending you money or investing in your business is a wise use of their funds.


    Beyond this point every golfer and trader differ in their actions to get the job done as every individual develops their own golf swing and the same applies to trading methods.

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    There is no way to guarantee that a trade will make money. The trader's chances are based on their skill and system of winning and losing. There is no such thing as winning without losing. Professional traders know before they enter a trade that the odds are in their favor or they wouldn't be there. By letting their profits ride and cutting losses short, a trader may lose some battles, but they will win the war. Most traders and investors do the opposite, which is why they never make money.

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    The "wannabe" trader tries to pick tops and bottoms. The successful trader continually asks himself one question: "Am I on the right side of the market?"

    It is also very useful to address the delicat problems of the choice of the charting software, the data providers and the broker, with clear questions and practical advises.

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    While the financial statements are helpful in and of themselves, the data they contain can also be used to calculate financial ratios such as gross profit margin , return on investment and return on owner's equity. Ratios provide helpful information about a company's liquidity, profitability, debt, operating performance, cash flow and investment valuation. (Learn more about financial ratios in our Financial Ratio Tutorial .)

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