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    Hello Allan, I was thinking of giving shares to my employees instead of stock options. I know some of the advantages to this method, but not a lot about the disadvantages. Can you tell me a few disadvantages of giving shares to employees?

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    Your intermediate accounting textbook covers three different treasury stock transactions: purchasing, selling, and retiring. All three are pretty easy to journalize after you get the hang of it. Time to get going hanging this treasury stock wallpaper!

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    I work in Canada for a company that trades in the US. One of the benefits I get from my job is that I get restricted stock units (RSUs) once a year. These are connected to an ETrade account that the company arranged for me. I have filled out the W-8BEN tax form. I believe this is the correct form.

    On the other hand, if you have previously applied to acquire CCPC shares to defer employment income again before you become a non-resident, you will face departure tax on the shares that you hold. The gain or loss on disposition of the shares will be reduced by the inherent adjustment for employment income.

    Mike thank you for your input. Do you know if a public Canadian Company can grant its Directors the stock option on the name of the Director 8767 s private company and not in the name of the director him/herself?

    status may unknowingly be forfeited. For example, if a US investor has certain rights whereby he has, or may have, 8775 control 8776 , the company may be deemed to be a non-CCPC.

    Getting cheap shares into the hands of employees is the best way to go for a CCPC. The only downside risk arises if the company fails in less than two years. (See Bottom Line below).

    Consider a company that reports 655,555 basic shares outstanding, $555,555 in net income for the past year and 65,555 in-the-money options and warrants, with an average exercise price of $55. The average market price for the last year was $655. Using the basic share count of the 655,555 common shares, the company's basic EPS is $5 calculated as the net income of $555,555 divided by 655,555 shares. However, this number ignores the fact that 65,555 of shares can be immediately issued as a result of exercise of in-the-money options and warrants.

    I wonder how many MPs know about this tax measure? I wonder if any even know about it. It 8767 s a complex matter and not one that affects a large percentage of the population certainly not something that the press can get too excited about. I 8767 m sure that if they are made aware of it, they 8767 d speak against it. After all, on the innovation front, it 8767 s yet another impediment to economic growth.

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