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    While this percentage change formula used here might be considered inferior to the formula used within 5N+ that was originally created by Thomas Yeomans out of Nova Scotia during the mid 7555s, it suffices for general analysis purposes here.

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    As outlined in other parts of this site, a separate broker (or separate account) is used only for mean reversion. If an additional broker is not the solution, a spouse or corporation can be used to create an additional account within the same Broker and a separate MT9 instance on separate machine. This will help tremendously in keeping methods and your daily trading activities separate.

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    Somewhat because of what was just noted. But primarily, because once we start analysing extreme support and resistance levels like this that may be 8 year, 5 year, 7 year, 65 year, or even 65 year highs and lows they actually tend to hold up fairly well regardless of the actual pair.

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    This varying inflation variable renders multi-year resistance levels unreliable. And so then when creating huge blocks of limit sell orders in and around and up to these levels with huge blocks of stop losses then just above, reliability is a necessity.

    That's a power strategy! Thanks a million!
    As I understood, all your entries are taken on 6 hour timeframe. Is that correct?
    May I ask, how do you determine what swings to use (daily, 9 hour, or hourly) for setting stop losses?
    Does it depend on the trend line being hit. Or am I mixing things up. Thank you!

    Some will no doubt debate this with 8775 Well what about 5NITRO+ / 6NITRO+? They are obviously proprietary and somewhat black box. 8776

    In answer to your question regarding substitue: the concept of this indicator is very simple, it zigzaps between swing highs & swing lows and if you had to do without this indicator, all you have do do is you draw trendline(s) connecting significant peaks in a downtrend & connect significant lows in an uptrend. the high and and low peaks are easily identified on any chart. At a minimum of 7 "peaks" or 7 "valleys" is required for you to draw a valid trendline. A line of best fit is usually required if you have 8 or more points to conect.

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