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    Hello Watch Dog , Auto Profit Replicator by Simon Saunders is a scam 67 losing trades 8 wins in 6 week ate up my $755. I wished I would have found this site earlier , they even had a pop ad to add more money if I wanted to upgrade to a better system. Well you know what they say about a fool and his money, that ones on me, but there is also a saying about Karma. These scammers do not have any morals

    Cynthia's Color Ribbon Surfing System - day-trade-forex

    I am from Canada and have been using demos for a while. After doing some research I think finpari is the best broker option for me? Do you recommend them? Has anyone had issues with finpari?

    FX United Review – Should You Join Or a Scam?

    what about tradersway they new around since 7565 i think but i be thinking in using them. i been trading binary for 9 years mostly demo and i used cherrytrade as well option bot 7 since option bot 7 work with cherrytrade so thats why i been using cherrytrade but they seem legit as well.

    WatchDog Speaks Out! | Binary Options Watch Dog

    Do you know anything about a broker named SetOption? Also, are you familiar with a robot called 8775 Binary Options Robot 8776 ? Top Option is one of their brokers. Please get back to me. Thanks.

    Furthermore, confirmation from an indicator does not necessarily increase your win rate, thus, I stopped using indicators for trade confirmation.

    Yes losing isn 8767 t enjoyable, however when you lose it 8767 s a feedback mechanism telling you that something is wrong and needs to be worked out.

    Because how fast stolen funds are paid out has nothing to do with Ponzi fraud. A Ponzi scheme is defined when newly invested funds are used to pay off existing investors, as is the case in IGOFX.

    Have you had any reports on Options 555?
    There are so many brokers out there, don 8767 t know who to trust and who not.

    He was being harsh on himself. It wasn 8767 t his fault for believing marketers and people with their 8775 track records 8776 , MyFXBook results, and hundreds of testimonials.

    Just like fanie, same thing happened to me. Opteck make false promises for trainings and one to one sessions. They dont turn up on the scheduled dates, by the time, we trade and lose some money, then different people will call you to deposit with new scheme of bonuses, prizes and risk free trades. To be successful in Opteck, 75 to 85% of trades should be profitable which is difficult for a new trader. Hence, with Opteck people playing around with the money of new traders, this should be an eye opener for people.

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