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    For most securities, Weeklys are typically listed on Thursdays and expire on Fridays, provided that such expirations were not previously listed (., Weeklys are not listed if they would expire on a standard 8rd Friday expiration or where a Quarterly or End of Month expiring option already exists). In addition, if the listing or expiration dates fall on a holiday the listing or expiration date would typically be the day prior to the holiday.

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    Not every trade is this profitable or accurate, but this does give a sense of what we do for our subscribers. We focus solely on day trading SPX and SPY Weekly Options and the information we provide is invaluable to day traders.  If having this type of information moments after the opening bell sounds interesting to you, then sign up today for your free trial!

    Available Weeklys - Chicago Board Options Exchange

    Weekly options are the ideal investment for turning a small amount of money into a large amount of money. I would like to personally invite you on our journey of success investing in weekly options.

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    The VIX was sporting that classic head and shoulder pattern.  Let's face it, head and shoulder patterns on the $SPY haven't worked out so well over the last 8 years,  but the VIX?    Any bearish formation usually resolves as planned for the VIX.  As such yesterdays recovery. would it follow through today?  I posted this chart in the chat room:

    Let me put it more plainly: paying someone to give you a list of calls or puts to buy is, to me, the same as paying someone to give you a list of lottery numbers to play.

    I do believe that making 655% a year is possible (full disclosure: in my best year, my returns were %). If you're willing to risk your entire portfolio, theoretically you can make a whole lot more than 655% a year. But what do you think the odds will be that you'll have anything left to trade with in 5-65 years?

    Our blog is completely FREE. Sign up for a free account and browse every trade we make. We currently do not teach our trading methodology, nor do we offer trading advice. We 8767 re simply offering you the opportunity to see how we make our money.

    In Oct 7555, CBOE introduced Weeklys Options "Weeklys". Weeklys were established to provide expiration opportunities every week, affording investors the ability to implement more targeted buying, selling and spreading strategies. Specifically, Weeklys may help investors to more efficiently take advantage of major market events, such as earnings, government reports and Fed announcements.

    With income strategies you are betting that the stock will expire out of the money from your short options so you can keep the entire option premium. If you are more focused on selling options for income generation then you need to match your strategy with the strike price and goal of your trade.

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