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    Bill Morales
    Santa Monica, CA It should be obvious to anyone that this is a great deal, but it comes with a catch:

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    The vast majority of commercial forex robots that cost between $99 $799 are absolute rubbish. There are a few exceptions like our own Forex Scalping Robot, but it is difficult to determine which are good and which not as they all look pretty much the same at face value. Here are a few pointers when looking at buying a forex robot :

    FXTSP - Best Forex Trading Strategies And Systems

    The cheapest of the top 8 at $799 wins the affordability test.
    7 Day Trial wins the trial test ( ATS only on Demo Accounts )
    Highest amount of Trades per Currency Pair
    Step by step instruction manual.
    Remote Installation for new traders.
    95 Day Guarantee
    Live Account Verified on Myfxbook
    Out performed both other scalping bots in the test period.
    The Forex Scalping Robot wins the test as the best performing cheapest solution. The other robots also faired well but not as well as FSR

    Stochastic Scalping with three moving averages - Forex

    So when we came up with the original philosophy for our forex scalping robot we decided that we had to create something special which gives us high reward on very low risk. The only way to perfect this was by going the scalping route. A scalper allows you to trade high volumes at low risk with an infinite upside.

    Also remember that any trading involves risks and there is no trading system which is immune to losses. Your experience may easily start with a losing trade, so before giving up on a system, make sure you've tested it well.

    So you are a little low on cash and cannot afford to buy a expensive scalping ea. You need to find a free scalping ea and all the ones you try just don 8767 t work? Unfortunately in life things that are free often more expensive. They are either not up to standard so nobody can sell them or they are a way to sell you something else. One way or another you will end paying.

    Well remember that we sell our own forex robot and will be totally biased here, our robot is the best regardless of it being us saying so but if you want to test or compare it with the others on the list to make sure we invite you to do so.

    Hi Kemi,
    Thank you for your input in our discussion.
    I like your idea of adding 75 SMA to support the channel. This should allow filtering some losing trades and add confidence in entering valid ones. Exiting with Fibonacci also adds value to the strategy.

    A simple forex trading strategy to trade daily time frame's. It can be used on any currency pair and requires only 5-65 minutes of your time to check for valid trading setups. What is an inside candlestick bar? It's a candlestick that completely forms within the previous candlestick daily high -daily low trading range. Download: Download the inside bar candlestick forex i [.]

    IC Markets has been a favourite of mine because of their low entry into the ECN market at only $755. They are a great option for traders with limited funds to start. IC Markets have great spreads and their comms are reasonable considering the low entry point. They are more expensive on comms than the other brokers ahead of them but a very good outfit which you can use to profit from with scalping strategies. The best forex broker for scalping $755 and less.

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