• Forex zigzag formula

    Notice how in the chart above that a Zig-Zag with a retracement percentage of 8% makes more distinct lines than the Zig-Zag with a retracement percentage of 5%. The purpose of using a Zig-Zag with a larger retracement percentage is to help eliminate price noise that is not significant for the trader's analysis.

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    This is true if you wish to make money on the interest rate differentials between currencies. See our selection of the  best FX brokers here.

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    Included in Track 'n Trade's robust charting platform are advance tools such as Elliott Wave, Gann Fan, & Fibonacci Tools. Markets tend to move in waves, using these advanced tools help identify the valleys and the rallies. Track 'n Trade allows you to draw on the chart and project Fibonacci retracements. Includes:

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    The absence of a reliable trading strategy will imply that you are at the mercy of the market or that you’re possibly chasing a breakout (which might possibly turn out to be a snare).

    6)    The Alligator’s Jaw, the 8775 Blue 8776 line, is a 68-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved into the future by 8 bars

    The Alligator indicator helps the trader stay in the position for a longer period and works best the longer the period of sleep. In the above example, you would stay in the trade until a Candle closed above the middle Red line. Williams also developed a 8775 Gator 8776 histogram indicator to help visually with interpretation, and many other traders have added their own 8775 twist 8776 to enhance the reliability of this indicator.

    Allows partial closing of positions when each target is reached.
    Includes 6 different types of trailing stops.

    - So far Wolf Wave indicator is the only one known indicator for wolf wave theory. It might have flaws, but I haven't seen a better version of it.

    This indicator can be used to see very good Buy sinals.
    To sell I think that can be better using other indicator as Hilo or ATR

    In most cases, automated trading is said to eliminate the human side of psychology that greatly hampers smooth trading in a lot of traders.

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