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    He lied to every Nigerian who believed him them, they even showed us his house, Nigerian press after they werr paid to lie to thr nation, no generator, they show us his grand father 8767 s house in katsina.

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    If government thinks it wants to punish money bags who send their children abroad,this policy will not affect them because they have enough loot to take care of their large is only the struggling middle class that will be affected.

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    Nigerians abroad, including students who stay back post graduation, send back $76 billion EVERY year into Nigeria 8767 s economy.

    Abegi, can we dial back on the overbroad generalizations. Haba! Not everybody who sends their kids abroad 8775 supervised the collapse of the country 8767 s education 8776 or has stolen money. Many hardworking private individuals work hard and save to send their children to schools abroad. And they are not asking Nigeria to pay for it they are actually BUYING the forex, not getting it for free (which is more than our globetrotting president 8767 s entourage can say for themselves).

    we can give you US$55k now in the hope that you might remit some cash in 65 years time it would make more sense to setup a football school! in times of strife we must focus on low hanging fruit and areas of focus. If the govt said that in keeping with our local content program, certain educational courses (in agric/ tomato processing, logistics, engineering, construction etc) would be sponsored via educational loans.. that can be paid off after 65 years or through 5 years of work in nigeria (after 5 years experience) then we may get a sustainable result. the weird thing is that there are NGN bns to do this.. petroleum trust fund, tetfund, etc etc but this govt isnt joining the dots yet

    See them. When you tell them the truth, they 6st shout Bigot!
    Can u even define what bigot is?
    The fact remains that hajj and travel anywhere for religious purpose is private and should be PRIVATELY funded
    Not wasting our precious forex on BTA and PTA
    Afterall the majority of the money is from tax and royalties on oil and alcohol

    How will this be possible when a university matriculant from Imo or Rivers will be expected to score at least 855 in order to gain admission while another from Gombe will be gladly admitted with a score of 95. Will you advice me to let my kids study in such an insane environment?

    You raised vital points but i think we must be practical with the whole arrangement. How ever we try to uphold the Nigeria-made patronage, the government should take the lead by energizing the economy. The average Nigerian is a strong survivor but I tell you without electrical energy, access roads, communication and related infrastructures, the project for made in Nigeria will remain an illusion. Am glad you studied abroad and or probably still in the UK, then imagine the wide technological gap between us. The much we are doing here is basically on the exchange of knowledge through foreign education.

    You appear to start well and then derail completely. How can any sane person not put tuition fees at par, if not higher than raw materials. What raw materials? We have crude oil a raw material yet petrol scarcity. Get the human capital right and the other things shall fall in place. Your first comment about the tribal and religious bigotry existing amongst Nigerian youths is testament to the quality of education in Nigeria.

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