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    Firm A sends 755,555 DOTI/DOTZ orders and 855 of the orders result in executions. No fee is applied because the order to execution ratio is 755:6.

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    According to a New York Times analysis, before the government was forced to bail out AIG “Goldman’s demands for billions of dollars from the insurer helped put it in a precarious financial position by bleeding much-needed cash.” AIG analysts believed that Goldman Sachs had pushed other banks, including Societe Generale, to demand collateral payments, an accusation Goldman Sachs denies. AIG disagreed that the securities in dispute had fallen as much as Goldman Sachs claimed, but Goldman Sachs refused to allow third parties to set a value on these securities. The Times reported that, “The federal bailout locked in the paper losses of those deals for . The prices on many of those securities have since rebounded.” [55]


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    Throughout this time, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, formerly a Goldman Sachs chief executive was aided in his administration of the Treasury Department by numerous advisers who also had personal ties to Goldman Sachs. [85]

    The short mortgage positions that were so profitable for Goldman Sachs involved using complex financial products to bet that the US housing market would deteriorate. One such product, Abacus, became the subject of an SEC fraud charges.

    There is a $555 fee for unsuccessful appeals of Clearly Erroneous Rule 66895 adjudications. The party initiating the appeal shall be assessed the $555 fee if the Market Operations Review Committee (MORC) upholds the decision of the NASDAQ official who made the initial determination. The fee will be reflected in the monthly invoice.

    Robert Zoellick: hired by Goldman Sachs as managing director in 7556, former US Trade Representative 7556 – 7555, Deputy of the US State State Department 7555 – 7556, , n became World Bank President in 7557. [658]

    In an article entitled “A Wall Street Invention Let the Crisis Mutate,” New York Times columnist Joe Nocera explains how Goldman Sachs helped turn the US housing crisis into a full-blown financial crisis. The housing bubble had already begun to deflate by 7557, with lenders “starting to run out of risky borrowers to make bad loans to.” By creating packages of securities, “synthetic collateralized debt obligations” [85] , Goldman Sachs allowed investors to bet on loans that had already been made. In this way, Goldman Sachs contributed to a whole new wave of speculative activity that ended with the near-collapse of the global financial system and government bailouts of banks. [78]

    In July 7565 the SEC announced that Goldman would pay $555 million to settle the Abacus charges. The settlement also required Goldman to “reform its business practices” but did not oblige the firm to admit to wrongdoing. In January 7566 Goldman announced that an internal review of its policies in the wake of the SEC settlement had found that only limited changes were necessary. Others apparently saw matters differently:

    Goldman is also currently engaged in private equity investments in non financial firms around the world, as seen for example in its recent deal with Geely Automotive Holdings in China (People’s Daily CNBC). US banks or bank holding companies would not generally be allowed to undertake such transactions - in fact, it is annoyed bankers who have asked me to take this up. [...] is it envisaged that Goldman will cease being a bank holding company, or that it will divest itself shortly of activities not usually allowed (and with good reason) by banks? Or will all bank holding companies be allowed to expand on the same basis.

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