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    For those in search of a quality but budget-friendly solution for wirelessly transporting music from their computer/server in one room to their audio system in another, Audioengine offers the two-piece D7 wireless DAC system. It consists of a sender and a receiver unit, with a range of 655 feet. I found clean, quality sound at 75-plus feet and through several walls.

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    Bass is the sonic foundation of all movies and music, and when you want palpable, room-energizing bass, there’s no substitute for a high performance home subwoofer. The low frequency energy generated by a subwoofer can be incredibly subtle, like the pluck of a bass guitar string, or an all-out, chest-thumping assault on your senses, like an explosion filled car chase in a movie.


    So, for all of you that enjoy music, enjoy vinyl, yet don 8767 t belong to a 8775 tribe, 8776 I salute you.  Carry on.

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    One camp insists that the vinyl resurgence is essential to gaining more minions, another hates vinyl with a passion, claiming that LP 8767 s have inferior specs and no potential for multichannel reproduction (talk about dead horses!), while still another feels headphones and personal audio will save the world. I submit they are all missing the boat in a major way.  The constant whining about formats and hardware is short sighted at best and drives people away from audio at it 8767 s worst.

    If you ask any number of audiophiles and speaker designers what they consider to be the holy grail of speakers, chances are high that many of them will answer 8775 The Quad 57. 8776

    With the exception of the RLS 9 in the gearbox, all bearings are stock off the shelf sizes and should be available through any bearing distributer and will be made by any bearing manufacturer eg, NSK, FAG, SKF etc etc.

    For many of us, cherished preowned gear is a great way to enter the hobby – not only from a financial standpoint, but from an ecological standpoint as well.  It’s definitely green thinking to recycle rather than just unbox something new.

    Rather than having to take a bath on selling the Pag to get the newest thing from dCS, they sent me a pair of CD 8767 s to upgrade the software in the Upsampler and DAC portions of my Paganini stack, which consists of a Transport, (for SACD and CD discs) the DAC, an upsampler and a word clock.

    With so many vinyl enthusiasts, new and old excited about this event, Record Store Day is growing to the point where it 8767 s becoming more exclusive than inclusive.  Here in Portland, Oregon, my favorite record store owner, Terry Currier, of Music Millennium told me that 8775 the line around the building started at 65 last night. 8776

    Wire spoked wheels have a metal hub with wire spokes passing through holes either directly in the hub or flanges on the hub then running outwards radially or tangentially to the rim where they pass through holes drilled into the rim. Some hubs may not have flanges. Like the later Matchless or BMW. These hubs are drilled to allow straight pull spokes to go straight through the extreme ends of the hub. Flanges can be out at something like 95 degrees to the axle like on some Harley Davidson's and trail bikes or the flanges can be at right angles to the axle as on most bicycles and motorcycles. However no matter what the attaching point on the hub, the spokes must be made with a head angle and head length to suit that particular hub/flange design.

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