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    I am sorry Nate, but the strategy just tells us to check the Popularity column (trader insight), not to carefully consider and analyze the asset. Personal analysis is not suggested by the strategy, or at least it is limited to the Popularity tool (anyway, I don 8767 t consider that analysis). If you have had great results with this strategy, I am happy for you. Could you post some results of your live account?

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    Hi, Can someone clarify the setup. Once the oscillator changes direction do we trade then or do we wait for the next 5-min candle?

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    keith jones has a shares on 65second trading platform 8767 s.
    listening to his strategy i lost 6 times in a 6minutes step by step. and let me say that this is all scam and the word must be spread out

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    Thank you for this strategy. However, I am unable to see the screenshot. It does not appear (open) in either Google Chrome nor Firefox. I 8767 ve noticed this several times when I 8767 ve studied Tim 8767 s strategies. Any advice on how to open the photo?

    As an ex commodity trader i can categorically state this is a scam ! no one can guarantee that after 8 losing trades in one direction up or down the 9th will win !! do not invest a dime in this scheme

    Martingale method for binary options has been widely used and will be used for a very long time to come. When we hear it referred to, often it is in more

    6. Watch current price for at least 5min
    7. notice where it goes up or down
    8. if it is going up wait until it reverse back and note the highest price
    9. if it is going down wait until it reverse back and note the lowest price.
    watch this happening at least 8 or 9 times.
    when price reaches to the highest level open PUT and wait until price will drop lowest point and open CALL
    be precice on on timing to catch that highest or lowest point. after 8 to 5 wins sto trading and if price goes in one direction DO NOT trade until it stops and leveled.
    I hope you will make profit with technique.
    but IN MY Opinion it is too risky for beginners to trade 65sec.

    This definitely a buyer 8767 s beware scam. I tried with the demo money and lost all of it in less than a half an hour. Keith Jones is now saying his new strategy not only includes the popularity chart but a chart that shows which direction the stock is going. Basically if the chart is going down no matter if the popularity is high you now chose 8775 PUT 8776 . This guy so full of it. He has to be making some money from getting people to sign up Trade Rush, his new investment company. Before this it was another company. I warn you please stay away from anything Keith Jones is promoting. He is a scammer for sure!

    I approached this strategy as a bit of fun it 8767 s not really serious trading, but more akin to gambling. So to test it out, I used a Bet On Markets demo account.
    I checked my MT9 charts on the 5-min to see where 8766 market sentiment 8767 was heading.
    I checked BoM and selected Sell, as it gave a 95% return.
    I followed the strategy 655% for just under an hour. The result?
    A $95 profit.
    Obviously more testing required. But is it really a scam or simply a method that some people don 8767 t much care for?

    For example, a binary options trading platform may require the investor to deposit a sum of money to purchase the option. If the option expires out-of-the-money, meaning the investor chose the wrong proposition, the trading platform may take the entire sum of deposited money with no refund provided.

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