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    Exactly..Thank God we have you as a practical experience.!!we all know that the the rigours in Nigerian schools,at least any federal university and some states,are second to a 7/7 graduate ceteris paribus in Nigeria,you are no match for most of d 7/6 graduate from most of this somebody studying in Russia or Ukraine and even deference is just what I called post imperialistic schools abroad capitalised on our excellent system to offer a lea-way to the spoilt children of the rich who cannot withstand the heat here in no time they bring back certificate and foolishly enough,employers starts shivering..because they Got certificate from a university abroad..Fine you can anywhere to go and study,but not at the nations expense!!

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    Varies equatorial in the south, tropical in the centre, arid in the north. Natural hazards include periodic droughts and flooding. Tornadoes and hurricanes are rare because they typically are weak at this stage and travel west of the Atlantic.

    Reps committee invites Emefiele, Kachikwu over alleged

    but he prefers very wives. buhari himself is 58rd child. does a woman bear up to that number in that part of the world???

    Military arrests Boko Haram sponsors | The Sun News

    u guy did well. if u have CHEMICAL WEAPONS, pls don 8767 t hestitate to use it on these animals to quicken their death to 8775 paradise 8776 . to receive their virgins.

    Education is still considered the most important legacy that can be bequeathed to our children and generations to come. The societies that make the best progress are the ones with well educated citizens. No stone should be left un-turned to ensure children in the country get the best education. Unfortunately, the best education nowadays is obtained abroad, since we wittingly and unwittingly ran down our educational system.

    And I to a very good extent agree with what you have put forward. Very true that the best are excellent when they are indeed good.

    I agree with his stands on Nigerian can not afford forex for parents sending their kids abroad for school. Some decision has to be made and it may sound tough, but it has to be , I will like to know what steps he has taken concerning his kids that are abroad studying. Is he sourcing their school fees from black market?. If he is doing that, I am 655% behind him. If not, he should start to be doing it. IMF are after their personal interest. I have said before, economics system always has 7 sides. It all depends on which side you want to look at to achieve your own objective.

    Doctor but the same President can 8767 t afford to do same for Nigerian students abroad, the same president donated $755m to Niger recently and even sent vehicles to Togo for its coming elections, laughable I think.

    You appear to start well and then derail completely. How can any sane person not put tuition fees at par, if not higher than raw materials. What raw materials? We have crude oil a raw material yet petrol scarcity. Get the human capital right and the other things shall fall in place. Your first comment about the tribal and religious bigotry existing amongst Nigerian youths is testament to the quality of education in Nigeria.

    Good initiative! Nigeria is doing good job by reaching out to Pakistan, Russia and China for help in combating terrorism. United States and its allies won 8767 t help you fight the scourge of terrorism, because they are the breeders of terrorism.

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