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    A tyrant is a tyrant any day any where. Buhari 8767 s negative reaction and attitude to serious national and international issues concerning the country, cast bad image on the credibility of this nation. Those who voted for change are getting disappointed every day of their life, because PMB has proved a man with twisted reasoning.

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    Buhari also gave a speech in Kano in 7558 at a Memorial service for Abacha in which he claimed Abacha never stole any money from Nigeria.

    Buhari: Nigeria Can’t Afford Forex Demand for Students

    Neccessity they say is the mother of all invention meaning that where there is no neccesity, people are not driven to begin to critically see how they can create or where there is an alternative, there isnt really a neccesity, is there?

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    Government policy makers must place the interest of the people above selfish desires. Imagine if the number of students currently abroad are brought back to Nigeria,how many universities can accommodate them in addition to the students already in their campus ?

    Of course Buhari is poor that 8767 s why he has been getting medical treatment in the UK since 6978 and that 8767 s why his daughter travelled first class a few weeks ago. Poor indeed! I pity these irredeemable gullibles. Or shd I say paid propagandists? One never knows with this APC...

    Away from home? Let Guernsey Post look after your mail. The Keepsafe service holds your letters, packets and parcels whilst you are away.

    As they say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. There is something called leading by example. People can forgive some things but blatant hypocrisy is very difficult to swallow.

    So if we are going to diversify from oil, certainly not one year will solve it. We are victims of 8766 Dutch Disease 8767 and chronic corruption.

    You are correct. That is part of the change and every Nigerian has to contribute. Going to source the Forex for their kids 8767 education is their own contribution to the change. Nigerians cannot want change and still expect to do things the old ways. When the country is buoyant again, the government will reconsider the Forex for Nigerians studying abroad. The truth is bitter but it has to be said.

    Buhari is moving on like someone who will NOT succeed, almost heading to the road of failures, only we wish it will not be too bad that redemption would be impossible

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