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    This is another very recognisable and frequently-traded reversal chart formation. The pattern is formed when price rises before pulling back, creating the left “shoulder”, and then pushes higher to create the “head”. In the most obvious head and shoulders patterns the price will then fall to the level of the first neckline before trying once again to rise in order to create the right hand shoulder. Forex traders will wait for the right shoulder to complete before price is expected to fall aggressively beyond this. This is one of the favoured patterns for technical traders due to the high probability of success but also the speed at which price often falls off the right shoulder.

    High Probability Reversal Point Indicator for Metatrader

    Ideally strategies should incorporate several different types of indicators for trade confirmation.  In addition, a longer time period (including out of sample data) should also be used when developing strategies.  While the above strategy needs additional work, the DMISTO indicator shows promise.

    High Probability EURJPY Reversal May Play Out as a Range

    This brief video demonstrates the concept that high profit candlestick patterns , by themselves, do not consistently produce reliable, profitable trading signals.

    High probability and profitable Price Action trading

    This is one of the most highly recognisable and popular reversal chart formations. The double top and double bottom form when price attempts, twice, to push higher or lower. The result is that an M or W pattern forms and this represents the end of a trend. Traders normally wait for this pattern to be confirmed when price pushes up or down beyond the first pullback, showing that it is not simply a short-term correction but a complete reversal of the trend. Double bottom and double top chart formations can be seen on all timeframes and they are made even more reliable if the second top or bottom fails to reach the price level of the previous top or bottom.

    Pattern #9. Lori P88 Reversal – This pattern is found in unique key reversal scenarios and is less common. Following a key reversal move, this pattern gets you into the second leg, which is often a substantial move.

    On this chart, we can clearly see the initial trend (which is bullish) followed by the long white candle that initiates the evening doji star candlestick pattern. In this example however, we see that the doji is not really a perfect doji (as we have just explained), and in addition the bearish candle (shown in red) extends almost to the lower edge of the initial bullish candle (shown in green) that initiated the pattern. Also note the accompanying increase in volume that occurred as soon as the trend reversed, showing the very active interest of traders with a selling mindset in the market.

    One of the keys to success in the Forex business, is having the ability to identify high probability reversal patterns on the chart.

    In trading software, a chart moves or updates according to the chosen time period and as the candle pattern reflects the ups and downs of the market, in time a trader can learn how to read candlestick charts.

    The next chart shows the GBP with Fibonacci resistance levels. Notice the 8775 SK Resistance 8776 level. This represents an area of significant resistance, with a higher probability of a reversal.

    Even forex traders with limited experience start to realize that we are not trying to capture every market move. We want to improve our odds and reduce our frustration by filtering, for high-probability trades.

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