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    An indicator of inflation that measures the percentage change in the cost of a representative basket of products and services bought by the average household. Sometimes known as the cost of living index. See harmonised index of consumer prices.

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    A bond that does not pay interest and matures at face value. It provides an investment return normally by being bought at a discounted price.

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    Part of a market or industry whose components share similar characteristics. Stocks are often grouped into sectors, such as banks, beverages, construction, engineering, food, healthcare, insurance, leisure, media, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology, transport and utilities.

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    This is the process by which a financial instrument is created based on pooling various types of contractual debt assets together as a packaged product. That pool of assets is then divided up into different risk tranches (or sections) depending on the risk of default or non-payment from the assets.

    You’re probably not trading if you sell some unwanted items occasionally or you don’t plan to make a profit. You can’t use any losses you make as part of a hobby to reduce your tax bill.

    Cover for specified disastrous events, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, earthquakes, fires and floods, that can potentially cause severe losses to large numbers of people or businesses.

    The ex-dividend date is the time when the registrar of a company draws up the list of shareholders who qualify for a dividend payment. To receive the dividend you must hold a share before it goes ex-dividend. For a period before the dividend is paid, usually about six weeks, the share price is quoted as ex-dividend or xd. If you sell your shares in this period you will still be entitled to the dividend payment, but the buyer will not.

    Another word for "pension". An annuity is a regular payment from an insurance company designed to give the policyholder an income for life after retirement. It is paid for by a lump sum saved during the policyholder's working lifetime. Annuity rates are based on yields on gilt-edged securities at the time of purchase. On death, any remaining investments usually become the property of the annuity provider.

    Specialised UK bank offering investment services, corporate advice, trade and project finance, exchange rate dealing, etc, to clients worldwide. It also acts as an issuing house for stocks and bonds, and advises companies involved in mergers.

    Home loan where the borrower pays back only the interest until the end of the loan period, at which time the original sum borrowed also needs to be repaid.

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