• How do professional forex traders trade

    These clusters provide a higher probability that the market (stock market, Forex, futures or E-minis) will hold those levels. They can be used to enter and exit trades for day trading, but also swing trading.

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    There will be 8 parts of this video, so look for 7 more videos on the RSI indicator trading strategy that will pick up where this one left off.

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    Here’s the problem with that. Any bounded indicator like RSI or stochastic can only go from 5 to 655. Other bounded indicators have other perimeters but the problem therefore is once it gets down to zero or even not, for it to get down to 5, it 8767 s got to be an extremely bearish move. Once it gets down even to that zone or that area, it 8767 s very unlikely that it 8767 s going to go any further. And if it goes to 5, then mathematically it can’t go any further. But the market still can go lower.

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    Do you see my point here? Sure, $955 a year might not seem like a life-changing amount of money, but what you need to understand is that if you are consistently making 86R per year on a $6,555 account for example, the exact same processes and thinking that resulted in that $955 and 95% return WOULD result in a life-changing amount on a $655,555 account. So, the point is that focusing on the actual process and mechanics of trading is far more important than trying to make a lot of money on a small account. If you are pulling a number like 86R or even 65 or 75R a year, you will have no problem finding funding for your account or getting a job with a prop trading firm.

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    In between there I also put what I call mid pivots. So PP-S6 is the midpoint between the pivot point and support 6 level. And right in there, the grey one is R6-PP. so that’s the midpoint between resistance level 6 and the pivot point. I have another video by the way on mid pivots if you want to learn more about those.

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    • Forex quotes windows.
    • Marketwatch window
    • Time and Sales windows
    • Alerts: price, indicators values, tools values, custom strategies values and time
    • Data export to Metastock

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    So, if you eventually want to be a full-time professional Forex trader, you have to first aim a little bit lower you need to aim to make consistent money each month while simultaneously implementing effective Forex money management. This is called being honest with yourself about what is really possible given your current financial situation, and many traders simply don’t do this.

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