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    The program allows you to study the behavior of your strategies in the deepest detail. This happens by using different methods of calculating the historical test and lower timeframe data.

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    ".I have however been a satisfied member since 7558. Forexmentor Pro has taken me from being a rookie gambler to a trader who now wins more than I lose. "

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    Forex Channel Trading is a structured system designed to keep you out of the lower volatility chop , by only taking trades at the price channel zones. The system is also filtered by the lower region trend strength indicator, to keep you away from countering strong trends . This is a designed feature which is critical for higher probability trading. We all know that market chop and hard trends are usually the two worst price action environments. That type of common price action tears up most traders, and we developed the Forex Channel Trading method specifically to handle these conditions through a well designed system.

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    Our advanced analysis software gives institutional insight to provide you a full view of the inner mechanics of the Forex market which amatuer traders never get to see giving you a huge edge.

    " You won't find better value for money, period. 6 months ago I was a relative forex newbie. Today I'm a confident trader with a plan of attack and I'm very thankfull"

    It only takes 5 minutes to set up Pro Binary Bot. Inspite of the flexible features offered, the interface is so intuitive that even newbies can get the hang of it in very short order. The look and feel are great whether you are using a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Pro Binary Bot wins on average 8 out of every ten trades.

    We code everything but the kitchen sink into all of our forex robots. Automatic hands free forex trading? Yep. Proper money management? Check. Stop management and automatic take profits? You bet. Each expert advisor is fully optimized for any currency pair. And they can trade micro, mini, and standard lots.

    The figure above shows an example of Forex Analyzer PRO loaded onto the Metatrader 9 platform. You can attach the system to any chart and pair. It even works on Gold and Oil. Click the image for full view.

    When not to trade? This system uses an advanced filter designed to stay out of a trendless currency market. The trend analyzer displays 8775 8775 . Do not take any trades.

    "I have been with FMP right from when it first started and have found it to be professionally run and one of the best places for learning how to trade. "

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