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    The size of the spread and price of the stock are determined by supply and demand. The more individual investors or companies that want to buy, the more bids there will be more sellers results in more offers or asks.

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    Working methods geared to excellence, investment in technology and the higher standards of the working team, make Laurel a reference company in the sector in which it operates.

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    In order to increase the overall recovery of the Jeddah Industrial City RO system, a third RO stage will be added. The new addition was designed to have capacity of the second stage reject flow and with the consideration to operate the first two stages alone in case of the third stage is off (. maintenance).

    In the past, septic tanks were the cheapest option for off-mains sewage treatment, because there was no regulation on the design of the soakaway. This is no longer the case, due to new Soakaway Drainfield Regulations. The rules mean that soakaway drainfields cost Thousands more than a sewage treatment plant system, if you have a ditch or other watercourse within reach.

    The Environment Agency has confirmed to us that soakaway crates are NOT acceptable for foul water soakaways as they do not conform to the Building Regulations or the BS 6797 7558. Crates are only allowed for rainwater soakaways. If you find a company selling then for foul water soakaways, report them to Trading Standards.

    Manufacturing and assembly of designed projects as per shop drawings and selected standard code procedures are WETICO's concern to ensure HQ products. Our manufacturing personnel are all qualified in their fields and carry the appropriate certifications. In addition, testing before delivery witnessed by a QA/QC Manager as well is a key element to the solutions we provide to our customers.

    The WeedsWest Global Solutions is the holding company that leads the business group with headquarters based in Porto (Portugal), Metalwork production facilities in Caldas de (Portugal) and branches in Mozambique and Morocco.

    The bid-ask spread is essentially a negotiation in progress. To be successful, traders must be willing to take a stand and walk away in the bid-ask process through limit orders. By executing a market order without concern for the bid-ask and without insisting on a limit, traders are essentially confirming another trader 's bid, creating a return for that trader.

    Our commissioning team inspects the plant before the operation starts: testing water quality, power connection, correct installation and calibration of operation to ensure that the quality of products guarantee customer satisfaction. In addition, all processes are guidelined with all technical data and step by step troubleshooting in the form of Operation Manuals.

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