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    If you are lucky enough to own one of the special "good cards" you may find that the best option is to spend using this card abroad. However, be very careful that you have the exact card that is listed as "good" as ones outside of this can be very costly and using one abroad will mean that you end up paying well over the odds for your foreign currency and purchases.

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    Yes, that 8767 s one journey as long as you don 8767 t take longer than 75 minutes between touch out and back in again.

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    There are a few currency exchange providers who will do this, and many offer free next day delivery for orders above a certain amount (usually £555). This means that you can take advantage of the providers online rates, which are often a lot cheaper than they are at the airport or at high street branches, so it is a great option all around!

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    However, to be sure, call the Oyster helpdesk and ask them how it works. And if you can post their reply that would be great as well.

    If it started on Monday then it will run until Sunday. You can put the next one on in advance to start from the next Monday.

    Ah, ok. I 8767 m assuming your dad 8767 s card has a travelcard on it then? Unfortunately that is a serious mistake, both for you and your dad. Only wholly PAYG Oyster cards are transferable, once there is a travelcard or a discount entitlement attached to the card then it can only be used by the registered holder. The letter will explain what they plan to do. It will probably ask for your side of the story. If it 8767 s your first offence on the railways then they may offer you an out-of-court settlement. Even if they don 8767 t, if you respond with a contrite apology and ask to pay their costs to resolve the matter with as little fuss as possible then they are likely to agree. It can 8767 t be guaranteed though.

    You can use your freedom pass/65+ Oyster on the Stansted Express as long as you have a ticket from Boundary zone 6 to the Airport. The fastest route may vary depending on the time and day. This month you 8767 re probably better off travelling via Liverpool Street, but from the end of this month change at Walthamstow Central onto the Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale.

    You can ask the helpdesk, though I wouldn 8767 t hold out much hope. Your card was probably added to the nightly hotlist update.

    It 8767 s the same fare for each, and in both cases you can change at West Ham, even though you then go backwards to Plaistow. You can 8767 t get travelcards on Oyster from Grays and they are more expensive than single fares, especially if some of the journeys can start before 6655 to get off-peak. The single fares are:

    Thanks for a quick reply I will be working in there for 7 months only though, so a season ticket is not possible.
    I am hoping to travel a bit around the weekend too, so thought about 5 dsb returns, plus an oyster with railcard for weekends (or day travelcard if a lot of journeys planned for, eg, saturday). Does it make sense then?
    Oh, and one more thing – we are talking about rail from Wimbledon to Vauxhall rather than tube, right?
    Youre very helpful,

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