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    Highly Impressed by your REAL working INDICATOR. For FOREX TRADING, it is my routine words that 8775 TRADING IS EASY BUT NOT SIMPLE 8776 Now it has been chaged to 8775 TRADING IS EASY AS WELL AS TOO MUCH SIMPLE 8776 Now, iwith your INDICATOR, any novice Trader can use this Indicator without any hesitation and EARN the money easily.
    My heartiest congratulations to you and your team.

    Indicators | Forex Winners | Free Download

    I never apply mean reversion techniques to selling commodities or equity based CFDs or anything else equity derived due to longer term inflation factoring.

    Acceleration Bands | Forex Indicators Guide

    Slope Angles mean something
    Sharp angles spiking from extended consolidation will often mean something even greater.

    Currency Strength Meter Indicator - megatrendFX

    So, the strength chart above is intended to provide a general idea of general flows or drastic sentiment changes. (discussed further below under the slope section)

    6. You never try to 8775 upsell 8776 . I pay for what I get and I get what I pay
    for. I totally detest the upsell approach which is taken by many other
    sellers of online information products and software.

    This glut of broker offerings might actually be the key in ensuring long term viability of this mean reversion method. And possibly, what gives it viability in the first place. It would be foolish to even contemplate this type of strategy via a single broker with only 77-78 FX pair offerings. The lack of opportunities would inevitably force high risk decisions leading to Martingale account destruction.

    I bought your Trend and Flat indicator last week and would like to say that it 8767 s kept me out of several bad trades that my other indicators would have put me in. Like everything I 8767 ve bought or gotten free from you, it works, it 8767 s affordable an I really like it.

    Expanding the pool of instruments traded will greatly increase opportunities while reducing risk. All 775+ symbols offered by this particular broker (AvaTrade) in its market watch window are all being sifted through for possible upcoming opportunities. All of them.

    An extreme, preferably extended sharp angle seems to indicate the introduction of Real Money Flow at and from that point. A GANN GRID supplied in all MT9 Platforms is commonly used for angle measurement and relativity on Metatrader 9 currency strength indicators like our old FlowMeter.

    In life we choose to raise or fall.
    The battle between good or evil is not in the heavens the battle is on earth decided by our actions.

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