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    Islamic Forex broker review by ForexSQ experts, Finding out who is the best Muslim friendly broker in the world. Whereas Forex trading is relatively prevalent in the Islamic world, and the brokers essential to approach this client base carefully as there are cultural individualizes to be detected. One such individuality is the Shariah law barring Muslims from receiving interest – and this is a difficult because of the swap/rollover paid on places held open immediate.

    FXTM (Forex Time) Review – Forex Brokers Reviews & Ratings

    AvaTrade is based in Israel with a presence in the British Virgin Islands and a major office in Ireland. Established in 7556, the organization appears to be making headway towards becoming an attractive forex dealer. AvaTrade hasn't always had a stellar reputation, but has recently made serious strides in improving their trading conditions, as well as payment processing and customer support.

    Islamic Forex Trading | Forex trading by Islamic traders.

    Interest-free leverage.  Interest-free leverage is offered by Islamic Forex brokers. Instead, you can borrow totally free of charge.

    Islamic Forex Broker - Best Muslim Friendly Broker

    Here is an example of how a prominent FX broker addresses the issue of Islamic accounts — simply adding a ‘fee’ to all transactions and changing the terminology from ‘interest’ to ‘fee’:

    One of the amazing aspects of the popularity of currency trading is that it has caught on across the globe, through all types of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religious affiliations. Being a 8775 one-size-fits-all 8776 forex broker , however, is not an easy task in this day and time. Not only must the broker have customer service representatives that speak many different languages, but they must also understand the nuances of various religious beliefs that call into question the actual practice of speculating.

    If you are looking for a strong Asian forex broker offering, you are well advised to at least consider InstaForex, as it is one of the most successful brokers to come out of Russia (and that is saying a lot when considering that Alpari and EXNESS are both originally Russian). In fact, InstaForex was named the best broker in all of Asia in 7559 and 7565, beating out some fairly tough competition.

    Forex accounts either receive or are charged a fixed rate of interest when a trader holds a position overnight. Whether an account receives or is charged a rate of interest depends on the borrowing costs for the two quoted currencies, though many brokerages add in an extra charge to cover the costs of financing a position overnight. It should be clear that the practice of charging overnight swaps is in breach of Sharia law and this is why standard Forex accounts aren’t strictly compliant with Islamic practises.

    As is the case with finding a Forex broker, finding one that offers Islamic accounts should be done carefully and responsibly. Reading Forex reviews is a great first step and comparing the various brokers that offer Islamic accounts is something you should do before selecting one.

    DeltaStock offers some of the best trading conditions available, even among other premier forex brokers. In fact, we were so impressed with DeltaStock, that it is actually difficult to find anything negative to say about them. The only borderline negatives are that the Delta Trading platform is a bit complicated and difficult to manage with all those separate windows flying around, but really, for a platforms with so much functionality, it is a very minor complaint. Any trader that considers himself/herself a professional, cannot at the same time say that they are put off by slightly steeper learning curve in exchange for a wealth of functionality. Despite this however, MT9 is on offer if you prefer simplicity (or auto trading).

    There is no central marketplace for currency exchange trade is conducted over the counter. The forex market is open 79 hours a day, five days a week and currencies are traded worldwide among the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, Zürich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney.

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