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    On one hand, exchanges have the benefit of managing liquidity. This lowers risks involved in the possibility of one party not completing the trade. Exchanges provide traders transparency and follow the current market price. On the other hand, OTC markets do not necessarily follow the common rules of an exchange market. Because of this, buyers and sellers get to create contracts that may be nonstandard. The prices of the products involved may also be unpublished. These trades are done on the spot as well.

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    In some cases, crude oil , for example, futures market goods are sold at spot prices. However, the physical delivery of the goods happens on a later date.

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    Bagaimanapun, terdapat sebahagian kecil ulama pula mengatakan anda boleh witir tetapi dengan syarat anda solat satu rakaat witir dahulu sebelum memulakan solat sunat yang lain, then di akhir solat-solat sunat itu, anda tutup dengan witir semula (dengan rakaat ganjil).

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    Exchanges are divided according to objects sold and type of trade. Under objects sold, exchanges are divided according to stock exchange, commodities exchange , and foreign market exchange. Under type of trade, exchanges are divided according to classical exchange and future exchange. Trades under classical exchanges are for spot trades, while future exchanges are for derivatives.

    Exchanges are highly organized markets that bring together dealers and brokers who buy and sell commodities, securities, currencies, futures, options and other financial instruments.

    The spot market is also referred to as the “physical market” or the “cash market” because of the instant and immediate pace and movement of orders made as orders are made at current market prices. Market prices are unlike forward prices , which cover prices at a later date.

    Financial instruments like securities and commodities are bought and sold on exchanges that use, make or change the present market price of the product.

    Kitab-ktab ( semuanya di dalam bahasa arab, kecuali telah di terjemah) yang mewakili mazhab Syafie dengan tepat adalah :-

    A spot trade is the purchase of financial instruments done on the spot or immediately. These trades are settled instantly and do not follow a set date in the future. Futures trades that are about to end in the current month may also be considered spot trades.

    Dan laman web ustaz juga ada menyata sembahyang witir baik tidak dilakukan setelah terawikh jika ingin bangun tengah malam? Apakah kedudukannya jika saya sembahyang witir dan ingin sembahyang tahujjud ustaz?

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