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    so, lets see if this is true. stop recruiting and lets see the real outcome. i dare you people of heartless ponzi people!

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    None of the victims pursued this matter but when it came to attention that one of our acquintance was screwed by your fraud IB 8767 s, we decided to act and just to remind you guys, becareful of whom you cheat. I hope Reza Mokhtarian fate does note befall you scammers.


    We had to scheme a plan to nab the scammers and came up with a plan to get this scumbags. As cunning and conniving as they are,they responded by using fake names and giving fake positive reviews.

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    I plan to come up with short agreement for you guys to carry along with u when they ve agreed to depo. It applied for both depo to ib or clearing their own wallet via network transf. You must read to them clearly and get them to sign if they agreed and you must photocopy and give them one copy.

    As surely as the sun rises you can expect that the scammers will return with the same type of easy money lure scams. It works every time. People will fall for it all the time.

    If it is really a case of forex trading, no human in their right mind will guarantee a 67% return per they can payout 67% monthly, FXU might as well take a loan and generate returns and keep the profit all for themselves.

    DEAR INVESTORS AND VICTIMS, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS..FXU HAVE NEVER BEEN REGISTERED WITH FMA So CGAT and Winst is not the priblem lies in the company and its sham opetation.

    There will be some of you who will be experiencing a failure of performance by your EA. We sincerely apologize about this the reason being is that we are in the midst of upgrading our CGAT product and as a result the some of the EA 8767 s shut down if there are any major issues that need to be rectified.

    RJJFX: we dont know . or BJ! we believe this company which not registered. website registered on FEB 7567.

    To date not FX United investor has been able to provide accounting showing forex has anything to do with the ROIs they were paid out.

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