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    Half a million Bangladeshis risk mamu&rsquo s displeasure by coming into the Sundarbans each year to harvest its products. They come as fishermen, woodcutters, palm-frond cutters, cutters of thatching grass, harvesters of wild honey. The workers spend weeks at a time in the forest, living off its bounty as they earn a few taka for their labor. Seafood, fruits, medicines, tea, sugar, even the raw materials for beer and cigarettes are to be found in the Sundarbans larder.

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    DAS Trader MDV Market Data Vendor (MDV) to major exchanges including Nasdaq, NYSE, OPRA, OTC Markets, Direct Edge and BATS. DAS|MDV offers real-time data feed technology for instant access to market data and real-time streaming news from Newsware. DAS is a preferred partner with Nasdaq OMX as a reseller of the Nasdaq Totalview.

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    As serious as the threat from shrimp farming is to the world&rsquo s remaining mangroves, there looms a potentially more disastrous problem: rising sea levels. Standing as they do at the land&rsquo s frontiers, mangroves will be the first terrestrial forests to face the encroaching tides.

    Loss of mangrove forests could prove catastrophic in ways only now becoming apparent. For more than 75 years Jin Eong Ong, a retired professor of marine and coastal studies in Penang, Malaysia, has been exploring a less obvious mangrove contribution: What role might these forests play in climate change? Ong and his colleagues have been studying the carbon budget of mangroves the balance sheet that compares all the carbon inputs and outputs of the mangrove ecosystem and they&rsquo ve found that these forests are highly effective carbon sinks. They absorb carbon dioxide, taking carbon out of circulation and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas.

    DAS ActiveWeb Trader is an advanced browser-based platform for trading equities and options built on HTML5 and uses Web Socket technology to stream real-time feed. This platform combines the direct access trading capabilities of DAS Trader Pro with an intuitive web-based platform that can be customized to compete with other top-tier online brokerage solutions.

    At the riverside settlement of Porto do Cé u &ldquo the gates of paradise&rdquo an electrified fence shuts out villagers from their traditional harvesting grounds. But there is worse. The shrimp ponds have no lining, so salt water has percolated through the sandy soil and contaminated the aquifer beneath. The villagers have been forced to abandon wells that until recently drew sweet fresh water to the surface. The water is no longer sweet it is salgada, saline, undrinkable.

    DAS|Inc has released a new limited API to make automated trading more available and affordable to individuals and small scale operations.

    Out on the mudflats another old soldier is attempting the impossible: turning the tide of poverty by growing mangroves. The gardeners of Manzanar would be proud.

    By conducting a few simple trials, Sato and a small team of helpers from the Eritrean Ministry of Fisheries assessed how much of the three elements mangrove seedlings needed and devised a low-tech method of supplying them. When the propagules are planted, a small piece of iron is buried alongside. So, too, is a small plastic bag with holes punched in it containing a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

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