• Floating p/l in forex trading

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you very much for all of your supports, books and knowledges, everythings are useful. You are good person and expert..
    God bless you Karl

    The Non Directional, hedged Grid Trend Multiplier Forex

    The world has so many great and mighty men but only few has helpul heart but in the case of mr karl he is just a gift to humanity.

    Difference Between Fair Value Hedge and Cash - IFRSbox

    Therefore i will show my gratitude in everyway i can and when its possible for me i shall buy every piece of hes software as a support and i will never forget hes helping hand and if i hit the jackpot one day he will be counting on reciving a check from me.

    Transactions – Carnegie Corporate Finance

    Thank you so much Karl for your help with this strategy. It is so simple that I almost fell off my chair. However, it is the only one that I have ever bought (and I 8767 ve just about bought them all) that really gives me income on a consistent basis. Thanks so much and good luck to you.

    6. You never try to 8775 upsell 8776 . I pay for what I get and I get what I pay
    for. I totally detest the upsell approach which is taken by many other
    sellers of online information products and software.

    Dear Karl, I am still trading with DEMO account. And planning to go for real account soon. Some of the stuff you sent me are really truly useful. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

    i dont know which indicator i should use because when i put all indicators in my mt9 chart some of them say short and some of them say long so i dont know in which direction i have to put my trade maybe somebody could help-

    Hi Karl,just a quick note to thank you for all the free goodies,there have been times I 8767 ve wanted to purchase different products but the exchange rate (South Africa) makes it impossible
    Best Regards

    I have purchased your superscalper , very pleased, great trades during the recommended times for London and US sessions, as a help to anyone who has purchased too, I use your free indicators that you sent me the GMACD and Braintrend with great consistent results.

    Thank you very much for all the free indicators, it great help for me to enhanced my knowledge and strategy for Forex business.

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