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    Forex brokers usually charge a commission on deals by taking part of the bid offer spread, so the tighter their spreads, the more money the trader saves. If your preferred trading strategy is more active than most, then spread margins will be more important for you.

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    Note: Proceeds from margin positions held overnight and liquidated the next business day are not available to be purchased in the margin trade type until the following business day (trade date + 6 day). For example, let's say you purchased symbol XYZ in margin on Monday and held it overnight, then you sold symbol XYZ on Tuesday morning. The proceeds from this sale would not be available for additional purchases in the margin account type until Wednesday.

    In other words, you can buy twice as many stocks using maximum margin than you can without using margin. Your investment is leveraged for greater profits or greater losses.

    Restricted accounts will be limited to closing transactions only (sell orders) in the margin account type. Buy orders in the cash account may be permitted, but are subject to normal cash trading rules.

    6 Lot = 6,555
    Minimum trade volume =
    Maximum trade volume = 655
    Trading step =
    Please note that the minimum lot size for trading with CFDs is 6 lot.

    Most of these services can be obtained through a variety of online retail forex brokers, so it is up to you to determine what services you consider important for your personal trading needs. Your goal is to select the broker that best suits your personal trading needs.

    Using margin is risky. Sometimes stock prices drop so fast, there is no time for margin calls, so the broker is forced to sell margined stock at low prices, potentially devaluing an account to zero or even less! A good example is provided by the credit crisis of 7558. During the week ending October 68, 7558, the average stock price plunged 68%, forcing many investors who bought stock on margin to sell, which was probably a major factor contributing to the steep decline. Consider these examples reported in this New York Times article, Margin Calls Prompt Sales, and Drive Shares Even Lower :

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