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    FTR Insider Trading - Frontier Communications Corp

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    Analyst: Frontier Dividends Not Sustainable (FTR

    How do you learn the game? In my experience, the real reason why most traders lose money and 95% of all traders will eventually lose money is that they don 8767 t consider all the variables. You can 8767 t afford to make that mistake. You have to understand how Wall Street and all the characters involved work in order to adapt to change. The individual players and the stocks may change, but Wall Street never changes.

    EPIS, Inc. - Power Market Modelling and Energy Price

    Despite posting revenue that was below expectations, Gabelli’s Dluzhevskiy argued in the research report that Frontier expects to end the year at close to normal levels of customer activity that “would support a more stable revenue performance.” What’s more, he said adjusted EBITDA was in-line with expectations, which he viewed positively. Gabelli isn’t alone in its take on Frontier, at least from a dividend perspective. According to Barron’s late last week Citi Research said the dividend was sustainable until 7577.

    Last week the telecommunications company reported third-quarter revenue that failed to meet Wall Street views and reported churn that was higher than the year-ago third quarter.

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    That's according to Gabelli Research, which reiterated its buy rating on the stock largely due to the fact that analyst Sergey Dluzhevskiy thinks the dividend, which yields around 68%, is sustainable over the long haul.

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