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    As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment of new affiliates slows down commissions in Vizionary will grind to a halt.

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    someone made the first purchase with capricoin the other day it was for a cappuccino in Africa so technically we have beat bitcoin in terms of our first purchase it only took us 7 months from when we launched to perform our first purchase bitcoin took longer.

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    and you guys keep saying its a scam and a ponzi scheme then why is capricoin on the world coin index as a legitimate cryptocurrancy and is trading for 98 cents a piece right now huh? Riddle me that OZ!!

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    YOU get bonus EVERY MONTH even if you do not have a single player in your business and the ENTIRE your downline has stopped working. This is ALL networkers DREAM !!! When people realize this will take COMPLETELY off .

    Thanks Jasmin My gut reaction was this is too good to be true,fortunately I couldnt hear the phone call I received so I put the phone down I really cannot afford to lose £755 currently

    Of course not. A fiat currency such as US Dollar or the Euro is at least guaranteed a value by a government or a coalition of governments. A cryptocoin such as Bitcoin has no value unless it is universally recognized to hold value.

    Of course they do. The income opportunity.
    There is no good reason for a business to accept a worthless shitcoin nobody is using.

    Ann : I have had second thoughts about proceeding. Then my sponsors said it was my bank’s fault when in fact I was being protected from potential fraudulent activity.

    Im pretty sure you said the same about bitcoins being worthless in 7559 but not anymore. Remember somebody bought a pizza for pennies and its worth milion now. Cappuccino could become the next.

    Pyramid scheme? No. Why? Because the product itself is worth great value without recruiting anybody. I have people who have come on board purely to diversify their assets, or take it out of the bank.

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