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    Can the next version have time frame settings? It is difficult to scalp with the current settings as they seem to be a longer term view. Thanks.

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    Dear Karl
    Thank you for help!!! I am beginner but the free products from you (indicators, systems, methods) are very useful for me:) I test a PHOENIXEA now. This Free Forex EA is verry began with 755 dollars and after week I have over 6555:p thanks that you answer on my questions and help me:)

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    hi,liu i enjoy your analisisy 9 the past 5 month, but idid not understant this your strengh meter pls kindly expanciate on it tks.

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    want to trade in nifty options, nifty, banknifty & crude (ONLY INTRADAY). which software to use in amibroker & what settings ?

    Hi there, I think those sources that you mention are misleading. Not all gaps fill that is true. However, you can put the odds in your favour. For example, you can choose to only trade gaps that allow you to trade in the direction of the main trend. This means that if the major trend is UP, then only take gap downs and if the trend is DOWN then only take gap ups. The other thing you can do as well is avoid taking gaps on low probability days like Mondays (and also options expiry fridays). Hope it helps.

    Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the CSM . When the Dismiss Alarm sounds means what??
    Is it all the time the Dismiss Alarm will sound??

    Hi ,
    I was using Non Repanting Super Trend in Amibroker Version till yesterday it was doing auto scanning also But all of sudden it started showing Error 79 Entry variable not define what can be the cause? and how to rectify.
    i am taking data from google

    Hello Henry,
    Thanks for the CSM and the breaking news. Your unending effort to help the fellow Forex traders is much and highly appreciated. The new CSM () with the News reminder and the alarm is a real help since the time differences between different locations make it hard for some of us to keep track of the upcoming events. Honestly speaking, your dedication helped me to improve the way I am trading. Keep up the good work. CHEERS!!!!!!!!

    One thing I noticed is these charts are not updating automatically as per 5 min/65/65/6hour etc. These are getting updated by end of day.

    I 8767 ve tried dozens of indicators and systems, most of which are useless. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with Super Buy Sell Profit. With confirming buy signals on the Euro on the 6 hr, 65 min, 5 min, and 6 min charts, I went long, and am currently up more than $7,555. Even more impressive is that there have been no false sell signals as the trend continues up, keeping me in the trade for the entire move. Thanks for an excellent indicator!

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