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    Many traders get so caught up in complex trading strategies that they forget that a chart is simply a graphic representation of two basic parameters, Price and Time.

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    Now, we could enter, the break here, but as I said, I don’t like that but here’s the first thing that I want to point out: this pattern is two patterns in one. In other words, having the right neckline lower than the left neckline gives you two patterns in one. So, a lot of people are going to wait for this breakout here, or some people would do the trend-line and that’s actually a little bit better. I would prefer that. I’m not against trading the trend-line that one’s okay. But waiting for up here, you’re really paying retail instead of buying wholesale.

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    The TICK index indicator has been a favorite tool of day traders of the E-mini futures trading basics for many years. However the way it 8767 s traditionally taught is the opposite of what actually works in real trading.

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    But basically what it is is it is a statistic that is measuring the volume of shares of a security that are traded when the price is increasing, and then conversely when the volume of shares of a security that are trading when the price is decreasing, and measuring that difference.

    Finally it decides to settle in. so now it stays, keeps coming back here hitting 655, almost there. And on the downside, everyone in these bars is touching the zero line and therefore, at this point, works very well. And from this point out we can say okay, we can be bullish here. So becomes unidirectional. Most importantly, always have your money management, or risk management in place.

    We get this maybe once or twice a week. So this is an especially helpful for day trading. Maybe once or twice a week we 8767 ll get a market that pretty much moves generally in just one direction all day.

    I also care about you having the control , with virtually distress-free calm to develop a winner’s mind set , to have   the power to learn how to  day trade stock at your absolute winning best (just like you having a world-class coach, mastering your game of tennis, swimming, or golf).

    There’s times when you can trade against trend. That’s when it 8767 s extended, and gets weak. You get an exhaustion pattern, things like that. So there are set ups for trend reversals. But believe me, even though the risk reward is good, the win loss ratio is not as good. And it 8767 s just so much easier to just go with the flow of the money. So there you go. And so even these extreme.

    Understand that a lot of statistics done on chart patterns are done on daily charts. Now, I showed the daily chart on the last chart. This one’s a little two-minute chart. You might think, ‘Well, do Head And Shoulders Chart PatternS actually work on a two-minute chart?’ Yes, they actually do they do as long as there’s enough volume. This is the E-minis here and so, good volume, two-minute charts work fine.

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