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    Awesome articles Nial. I do not trade forex. I only trade Equity/Index derivatives. Going through the articles in this site has made a huge difference in my trading. Thank you.

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    Thank you, Nial, for sharing your wisdom. As a pensioner, I cannot afford to gamble, and you would laugh if I told you how small my position sizes are (I trade “nano” lots). Nevertheless, I can track my weekly rate of return. In the last six weeks, since trading daily time frame only, I have not had a losing week. My worst week was up % and my best week was up %, most weeks being 7%. Nothing wrong with that. I reward myself by adding a small amount to my account each week for not over-trading and turning a profit. I am confident that within a year I will be able to take a very small monthly income, and each year will get better. 8776

    Nial Fuller's 9 Secrets to Profitable Forex Trading

    Big problem for me has been that I 8767 m thinking too much on the last single trade, instead of looking at how my last 75 trades looks. When I look at the series of the last 75 it 8767 s much easier to see how well you are as a trader and where I make the mistakes. Just like in bowling, golf or many other sports, you can 8767 t win or lose on only one shot (at least that 8767 s what I 8767 m trying to say to myself).

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    There are MT9 apps for most mobile devices that allow you to use the core functionalities of the MT9 platform on your mobile device. This makes it easy to trade while travelling and and also to check your trades on the move. You can use standard indicators and other trading tools but unfortunately this does not allow custom indicators for now.

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    Here it gets interesting. So you have prepared yourself and have become confident in your system. The first thing that happens on a live account is you get a brain shutdown. Why does this happen? Well its simple, you can for the very first time see YOUR money move up and down with the markets. It is very important to stick with the system you used on demo, including relative lot sizing and risk protection.

    ZuluGuard™ is an account protection feature that monitors each trader's behavior and automatically removes a bad trader when a radical trading strategy is detected. Please keep in mind that you can consider and manually set the ZuluGuard™ protection later at the Advanced Mode / Settings page of your account.

    each trade is different is so important yet I violate the rule a lot,having knowledge and practicing it are 7 different aspects of trading,i am at the door of proper practice,i hope to read this often for more practical ideas on trading

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    your advice and articles on price action is invaluable to both newbies and experience traders alike.
    keep them .

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