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    RetrieveBackAdjustedContract7 API function documentation
    Reference guide on this essential function taken from CSI API document.
    link to original post | link to RTF document

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    E-ratio: How to measure your trading edge in 4 easy steps

    Hi LuckyF55L,
    I haven 8767 t redevelopped the e-ratio in TB There is some discussion about the e-ratio on their forum:

    Automated Trading Systems Online - BlueWaveTrading

    e-ratio is a metrics that measures the edge of a trading system component. For example, we could use it to quantify the edge gained from a donchian channel breakout entry signal.

    Hi Jez,
    I am using the free trial version of Trading Blox and I am trying to test the edge of different entry signals. I am basically progressing from a random entry to dual MA, Donchian etc. Is there a predefined Blox that already calculates and plots the e-ratio or do i need write the code from scratch. Or if u have already addressed e-ratio calculation in TB in a different article can u pls point me to it? Thanks

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