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    I mentioned before that silicone therapy does not work on indented scars. Cica care may be helpful though based on what a user wrote me:


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    Study: 8775 taping of scars is a safe, effective and well-tolerated intervention that may significantly improve scar appearance at six months 8776 .

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    For alleviating tension on the scar and its surrounding skin. Tension on a fresh wound and new scar is known to increase scar tissue formation.

    These are my recommendations as a former user of silicone sheeting and someone who has been recommending these to friends and aquaintances for years now.

    If you find it is hard or nearly impossible to keep sheets attached then opt for a gel. Or for example when you don 8767 t want people to notice you are wearing silicones on your scar.

    Resulting in less risk on skin maceration (the white skin you may see after taking off a wound plaster) and being more gentle on fresh scars. If you know changing sheets is still painful or irritating or taking them off may tear the new tissue, thus interfering with the healing process, Mepiform may be your best bet.

    The improvement on my own scars was permanent yes, but do note that almost no scar can be removed completely. As long as your scars are elevated and or discolored I 8767 d give silicone gel/sheets a try as they are designed to improve such scars.

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    This brand is especially suitable for people with sensitive or delicate skin. Similar to other brands these sheets also flatten, soften and fade red and raised scars but the way of adherance is different.

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