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    LOTRONEX® is a medicine only for some women with severe chronic IBS whose main problem is diarrhea and IBS symptoms have not been helped enough by other treatments. Some patients have developed serious bowel side effects while taking LOTRONEX.

    Probiotics - NHS Choices

    There’s a lack of evidence for probiotics benefiting the immune system, and research found that in healthy children,  probiotic supplements had no effect on antibody levels, days of fever and number of infections.

    Protocol IBS - ReversingIBS

    An Alflorex capsule contains 6x659 CFU (colony forming units) at the time of manufacture. The dose in the capsule remains effective throughout its shelf life.

    How I got my confidence back in long battle with IBS

    Eat wholesome foods, if you can’t pronounce the ingredient on the packet or if the ingredient list is long put it back. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, limit red meat to twice per week, limit sugar, coffee and alcohol. Include lots of foods that are high in essential fatty acids, these foods have an anti inflammatory affect on the bowel, nuts, seeds, oily fish and oils such as coconut,  olive, flax seed or Udo’s Oil.

    85679&trade is trademark for a very particular strain of Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis. While conducting extensive research into many different strains of this family of bifidobacteria Alimentary Health assigned each test culture a unique ID number. The culture with the ID 85679 surpassed all others and ultimately lead to the development of Alflorex ® .
    The 85679&trade culture has over 65 years of scientific research and over 55 peer reviewed publications. It is also the Gastroenterologist recommend culture in the .

    Professor Fergus Shanahan, Director of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, University College Cork and Consultant Gastroenterologist at Cork University Hospital explains: "While everyone's gut microbiota is different, research has shown that IBS is associated with a bacterial imbalance in the gut.

    The second step of treatment that requires only temporary use, is the consumption of herbal remedies. These herbs include digestive enzymes during meals as well as the intake of probiotics. These are supplements that will help out with the digestion of your foods as well as rebalancing the flora in your gut.

    Alimentary Health Ltd. is delighted to introduce Alflorex ® , the only food supplement in Europe that contains the unique and patented 85679&trade PrecisionBiotic ® culture. Alflorex ® is now available in leading pharmacies in Ireland and the UK. Find your local stockist.

    "I thought perhaps I might have been eating the wrong food, but looking back now I think my mother had IBS as well because I remember she suffered with a bloated stomach and constant pain in her tummy for many years."

    "The good news is that IBS is being taken seriously and we appreciate how serious a condition it can be, that good research is going on and that new treatments are being developed. I have high hopes that we will find the causes of IBS."

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