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    Let me first clarify what costs every realized deal entails in reality. In the following illustrative example from real trading you will see how significant the difference in total costs could be with various brokers.

    FAPTURBO 2 First Real Money Forex Trading Robot

    Solid trend trading mixed with incredible features have made Ganon very popular. Using our newly developed Strand Theory 8987 it trades strong trend shifts on any forex chart automatically.

    Forex Factory

    The questions is how many of us really fulfilled that dream! In other words, how many people had the courage and dedication to go after what they wanted.

    Forex Tester 3: trading simulator for backtesting. Best

    We wanted normal people, people without experience (people like many of those reading this letter now) and without Forex knowledge to test the Robot and our claims…

    Well, simple and to the point: if you backtest a robot and it shows 655% “demo” profit in one month, it should PRODUCE around 85-655% profit in LIVE trading.

    This is actually something we have been working on very hard because we know the problem people have with keeping their computer turned on at all times.

    We Are Putting A FULL STOP To Back-Tested Optimized And Worthless Results. To Robots That Worked In The Past But Deliver . Results In Live Trading!

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    The first example is extremely simple.  It stays in the market all the time.  It enters long on an uptick, and short on a downtick.  It uses a fixed profit target and a fixed stop-loss. That s it! Despite these limitations in the right circumstances it can 589 predict the future 589 with 655% accuracy.  That s even better than Forex Megadroid!

    Well, can't blame them! Forex is not something you hear often..it actually sounds a bit scary when you hear the term for the first time!

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