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    Yet, nobody teaches in this manner and I suffer from the same pain when learning something new every time. Most courses are not designed to help you learn by example (immersion is the most potent way of learning in humans). Rather they bathe you with inapplicable information that you have to learn over and over again anyways.

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    It doesn’t matter how worried you are about not having a portfolio, experience, or even the skill to convince them to give you a chance …

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    But those numbers are not easy to achieve, and they are completely unnecessary to start generating good revenue from your social influence, if you know how.

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    However, only a few videos per section are focused on information. I develop the rest of the details of the data structures and syntax through exercises that I walk you through in the course. There are 7-8 lectures on solving tough exercises on each subject so that you can understand not only the syntax and how to practically work on AWS.

    Free contract documents such as an NDA, a customizable standard web contract, and an addendum contract for extra work. All of these documents cost me over $5555, but are yours free as part of the course.
    Free access to any course updates including case studies, projects, and collaborative discussions.
    Learn on the go. All course lectures are free to download and view anywhere even without an internet connection.
    Section summaries to help you review and re-learn lecture points easily and quickly.

    Our purpose with the course is to provide investors with a thorough overview of the note business and to provide a solid framework for taking action.

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