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    No Day Trading Requirements
    Certain markets require minimum amounts of capital to day trade, or place limits on the amount of day trades that can be made within certain accounts. The CFD market is not bound by these restrictions, and traders can day trade if they wish. Accounts can often be opened for as little as $6,555, although $7,555 and $5,555 are also common minimum deposit requirements.

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    Also note that the CFD industry is not highly regulated. The credibility of the broker is based on reputation, life span and financial position. There are many fantastic CFD brokers, but it is important, as with any trading decision, to investigate whom to trade with and which broker best fulfills your trading needs.

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    In order to withdraw the earnings or any available funds from the account, the client must make operations (in the traditional binary operations mode) that represent a volume 85 times the value of the granted bonus.
    As an example, a user who receives a bonus of 655 units, must open operations of units in order to credit his/her bonus as real money in the balance. Before reaching such amount, the money credited as a bonus works as fake money, prohibiting certain activities, such as withdrawals. For bonuses above 755%, certain exceptions could be applied, demanding operations for a volume equal to 55 times the value of the granted bonus.

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    All the new users or users who change their account level after making one or more deposits, will have a period of 6 month maintaining the same account to which they have accessed.

    Global Market Access from One Platform
    Most CFD brokers offer products in all the world's major markets. This means traders can easily trade any market while that market is open from their broker's platform.

    All economic variables create price movement which can be easily seen on a market’s price chart. Whether an economic variable is filtered down through a human trader or a computer trader, the movement that it creates in the market will be easily visible on a price chart. Therefore, instead of trying to analyze a million economic variables each day (this is impossible obviously, although many traders try), you can simply learn to trade price action, because this style of trading allows you to easily analyze and make use of all market variables by simply reading and trading from the . trail they leave behind in a market.

    Generating income is easy. We want to help you in this process, that's why we are giving you $ 75 for you to start gaining experience as a successful investor.

    We offer free security products and services, use only secure procedures, and guarantee assets against unauthorized activity with our Asset Protection Guarantee.

    We work hard to protect client assets. If there is unauthorized activity on your account, we&rsquo ll reimburse you for the amount lost.

    If the Inviter has already acquired bonuses offered in other existing promotions, all capital present in the account will be subject to the conditions established by the bonus policy, mentioned above.

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