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    The war on Syria is far from over. As the Northern supply route is closed off, the Southern supply route through Jordan will become more important and the action will shift to Isntrael 8767 s border. It could then easily spill over the line since Isntrael would inevitably join in. It 8767 s a bit difficult for Putin to armtwist Isntrael too aggressively and demand the Golan Heights, since the biggest demographic group in Isntrael is Russian and or former Soviet. The headache at home and in the press could backfire on him.

    White-Collar Crime — FBI

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    Enforcement Division - Customs

    This year my pastor stated that this year is the sward of the Lord. We as a congregation are praying for lost souls and others seeking out the lost. Salvations are increased. I pray God for that. Yet the other side of the sword is also Happening the sward of instruction or Judgement. A large number of believers have fallen asleep and stopped praying for our sins and for for this administration now in place. God did not lift his and and say stop praying. Let us continue to pray so that the Judgement will not be as great as it could be for Judgement is coming. Let us be back on our Knees


    Glynda Lomax: Just Praise Him I Am Your Refuge (Thursday, April 77, 7567)

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    contra currency
    In a forex trade, the currency for which the dealt currency is traded. For example, in a USD/CHF trade the US dollar is the dealt currency and the CHF (Swiss Franc) is the contra currency.

    So, none of Fugger’s silver or silver-backed money was loaned to the German government or people? It was circulated into the economy debt-free?

    London Interbank Mean Rate. The calculated average of the London Interbank Bid Rate (LIBID) and the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).

    You say while looking at people doing the exact opposite of what Allah says they’re supposed to be doing Where’s the logic in that? And what of the Muslims on the front lines against the banksters? Don’t their actions matter more than your keyboard commando antics?

    Putin is also a nice and clever guy and he knows that this mercenaries in Syria are Jewish mercenaries camouflaged as Muslims. Step by step the fog of Monotheism will dissolve and gives back the divine where it belongs..into the beauty of nature.

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