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    This ETF offers exposure to the . homebuilding industry, and as such offers exposure to a corner of the domestic economy that tends to be cyclical in nature. In addition to pure play homebuilders, this fund includes companies related generally to the homebuilding industry, such as Home Depot. PKB might have appeal for investors looking for exposure to homebuilders who believe the methodology used by the underlying index--which utilizes quant-based stock screens--is capable of generating alpha. For homebuilder exposure PKB makes sense for those looking to avoid cap-weighting, though options such as XHB are cheaper.

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    Bollinger Bands are based on a standard deviation function. Very often, you will see times where the market is moving HIGHER but the lower Bollinger band is declining. This does not happen with Keltner channels. Though both are based on a volatility functions, Keltner Channels will maintain a more constant width than Bollinger Bands and thus we find them more pleasing to our eye. We also have had much better success in using range functions in our quantitative modeling as opposed to standard deviation functions, especially when creating short-term timing systems.

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    The following chart also includes the option to compare the performance of PKB relative to other ETFs and benchmarks or to include indicators such as Bollinger Bands, relative strength, and moving averages.

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    In determining whether to use market, limit or resting stop orders to pull us into a trade, we assess the liquidity conditions and the type of market environment (., trending, choppy, etc.) Each trader must ultimately find their OWN style that works best for them over time.

    * P& F Indicators - Moving averages, Bollinger Bands and Volume-by-Price are overlays that can to placed on the P& F price plot. This article shows chartists how to interpret these indicators on P& F Charts.

    Chartists can also scan for specific P& F patterns using daily data and the drop-down menu for user-defined scans. Over 75 P& F patterns and criteria are included as “Predefined Chart Patterns”. Users can combined these P& F patterns with other non-P& F criteria to create truly unique scans.

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    "Oops" is an expression originally coined by Larry Williams. The setup occurs when the opening price gaps outside the previous day's range. A buy (or sell) stop is placed just inside the previous day's range in case the market then closes the gap, indicating a reversal. The trade is best treated as a scalp trade and exited before the close. This pattern has no long term forecasting value.

    With well over a dozen P& F patterns, there is often an active pattern or pattern developing on a P& F chart. Identifying these patterns and the confirming breakout form an essential part of the P& F analysis process.

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