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    New dollar lows were seen in the euro and swissie on Friday, something I hadn&rsquo t wanted but there was always room to move into. We&rsquo re generally seeing 9-hour divergences but we now need to.

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    Hold-Down Clamps:   They are quite small, but the clamps we provide with the Dubby can exert 85 lbs. of pressure to secure your pieces in place as they are cut. Clamps can be ordered either with (or without) bases.

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    The distance between the miter grooves on the saw and the saw blade is critical information you need to know before ordering a replacement platform.  Our “Standard Platforms” will work on saws that have between 9” and 5 ¾” from the miter groove to the saw blade.  If the distance between the miter groove and blade is either more or less than these measurements, you will need to order a “Custom Platform” for your Dubby. 

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    In the Commitment of Traders reporting week ending May 66, speculators in the futures market made three significant adjustments in the currency futures. First, they continued to accumulate a large.

    AUD/USD&rsquo s rise from extended to as high as . The pair is facing the resistance of the descending trend line on 9-hour chart. As long as the trend line resistance holds, the rise.

    Key Points: . Preliminary GDP likely to be key in the week ahead. Initial bias for the week ahead is neutral. support likely to be key in the week ahead. The euro had a resoundingly.

    By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. The . dollar came under heavy selling pressure this past week with the greenback breaking key support levels against the.

    The price of cryptocurrency Ethereum in 7567 is going through the roof, similar to the price of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. Our Ethereum price forecast for 7567 and later is very.

    Platforms:   The platform (base) is the most frequently requested replacement part of the Dubby, as it is the part of the jig that does the majority of the work and takes the most abuse.

    The US dollar managed to stem the strong declines after developments from Washington saw a special counsel being set up to oversee the investigations into the alleged Trump administration links with.

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