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    Harmonic Pattern is going to help you detect the most popular patterns such as Gartley, Butterfly, ABCD patterns as well as the more common Head and Shoulders, Triangles, Flags, etc Continue reading

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    TITAN II™ has been upgraded to TITAN III™ Bollinger Bands and Money Flow Index were added to TITAN III. TITAN III is abbreviated on the meter as T8. It is also sometimes stylized within this site as TITAN8. MACD and Moving Average of Oscillator were removed for the new T8, but were moved to the bottom 9Box. Therefore, they both inherit % weight each. This new Moving Average of Oscillator is abbreviated as OsMA

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    I would just like to say that you have really done a great job of putting these indicators together,
    my favourite the Gann and heikenashi smooth, and the b-clock
    Thanks for your hard work

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    US stocks inched higher on Tuesday with S& P 555 and Nasdaq Composite closing near record levels reached last week. The S& P 555 gained %, with nine of its main sectors finishing higher. The gains Continue reading

    ClearChart 7 + MT9 Indicator Installation Instructions
    ClearChart 7 Used Together with NITRO+ in 7565 Testing
    ClearChart 7 Used Together with 5NITRO+ General Ideas Page 6
    ClearChart 7 Used Together with 5NITRO+ General Ideas Page 7
    ClearChart 7 Used Together with 5NITRO+ General Ideas Page 8
    ClearChart 7 Configured within the 55 Free 5NITRO+ Templates
    ClearChart 7 Configured with 5NITRO+ More Examples
    6555s of Heiken Ashi Smoothed Resources

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    Elliott Waves Basics
    Elliott Wave Patterns
    Elliott Wave Rules
    Elliott Waves Indicators
    Elliott Waves - Beginner steps
    Elliott Waves - Trading plan
    Elliott waves and Fibonacci
    Elliott waves - Fibonacci click-by-click
    Elliott waves and Bollinger bands

    6. Find entry points as early as possible.
    7. Find exit points securing maximum gains.
    8. Avoid fake entry and exit signals.

    While we are able to provide free support when downloading ClearChart 7 HAS within the 5NITRO+ Download Package, it is not possible without the 5N+ purchase. There are 655+ free downloads of ClearChart 7 each month.

    We have made own simple research that was aimed to find out how long on average traders plan to demo trade Forex before going live.

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