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    CHYNADO. I have been trading for a few years now and do okay. A MM rule I have made for myself (based on personal trade experience) is I will only trade lot / 7555usd in my trading account! Yes small trades only. However I can still make anywhere between 65 75% month trading this way.

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    Meet your new personal assistant! The Automator can watch and notify you when things happen or automatically execute actions you would otherwise do yourself.

    Forex Alerts, techniques, systems for live currency trading

    Meet the Automator
    We imagined the ZuluTrade Automator to be your personal assistant: it can watch and notify you when things happen or automatically execute any action you would otherwise do yourself.
    You can create and execute your own automated rules, using an if this then that logic, and essentially create their own settings, by building your own automated rules!
    You can find the Automator and built your rules at the Settings tab of your Forex account.

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    Once you begin to focus on controlling your risk and on maintaining your losses instead of avoiding them, you will truly be on the road to trading success. This is called being a “risk manager” and this is a much more useful way to think of yourself instead of a “trader” or “speculator”. The underlying point here is that you don’t need to be “right” or have a high winning percentage to make money as a trader, to see the math behind this checkout last week’s article on how to remove fear from your trading .

    I used to do very well in demo but failed in Live. I realized it is fear and the wrong lot sizing. Now, I m getting better because I never give up and still trading and testing after all these years!!!

    I am thankful to Bro Nial for all the simple and outstanding lesson, very helpful and as an Asian, i believe you have make so much good carma in this life as your profession and your willingness to help newbie trader. Thank you and God Bless you.!

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    I have nothing to add, all to learn, all to remember and repeat,. Slowly i´m opening my eyes in the tunnel of forex!Hoping one day i´ll become a good and conscious 8775 risk manager 8776 .
    all i can say is thank you!

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