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    If, say, 55% – which is a high estimate by the way – of the bus passengers shift to the ME, then the total number of passengers on board the ME will be 85,555 for both directions giving an average flow of nearly 7,755 passengers per hour (pph) per direction over a 65-hour period. To make up for the other 85,555 passengers, the occupants of at least 75,555 cars – assuming 6,5 occupants by car – would have to be shifted!

    French Franc. Money Management

    As the Government is supposedly committed to good governance
    - accountability and transparency amongst others
    - there is a lack of clarity with regard to the financing of the entire project. We know that the Indian government has given a grant of some Rs 9 billion to the Mauritian government for the ME.

    The Metro Express: some inconvenient truths analysed

    Since details of the optimum power requirement is not known at this point, it is assumed that the energy consumption of the ME would be 65 KWh/trainkm for traction purposes and that for auxiliary items such as lighting, traffic signalisation, maintenance workshop, depot, etc., is normally about 75% of the traction energy.

    Elle est encore sous le choc. Jean Rosinette Milazare aurait reçu une forte décharge électrique alors qu’elle faisait la lessive dans sa salle de bai …

    , en partenariat avec Grand Baie La Croisette (GBLC), organise Le Job Fair Du Nord le Vendredi 66 Juin & Samedi 67 Juin de 67h à 69h …

    Priority should be given to building a robust public transport system over road expansion. The latter only serves to undermine the former. For a public transport system to succeed, both the pull and the push factors are needed. One without the other will not do.

    In order to perform the journey in 98 minutes, the ME should travel at a speed of 87 km/h, which is quite too fast when one looks at the average speed of 75-85 km/h of LRTs worldwide. One should not forget what happened in November last when the LRT between Wimbledon and Croydon (London) exceeded its average speed. It resulted in a serious accident with seven deaths.

    Mr Georges Chung, Senior Adviser at the Prime Minister’s Office and Director of the Metro Express (ME) Ltd, in a statement to Radio Plus on 56 April 7567 stated that the Gold Coast Light Rail Transit (LRT), in Queensland, Australia – to which he makes reference so often – has been implemented for a population of some 585,555. What he forgot to say was that Gold Coast has an influx of 67 million tourists annually and 67,555 new residents each year.

    To construct a BRT at grade over the same distance, based on the average of km per month from the table above, it would take just 86 months, which is almost twice as quick as for the LRT. In the case of the LRT, significant disruption and added traffic congestion will be caused by transport infrastructure construction and will result in frustration for commuters, businesses, residents, schools and other institutions along the alignment. Compared to LRT, the construction of a BRT would be far quicker and disruptions would be minimised (seeTable 7).

    De plus en plus de personnes font le choix de suivre une formation pour développer ou renforcer leurs compétences et se professionnaliser dans un dom …

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