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    Keyser Soze
    Yes thats true, Henry Ford understand the usurious Jews threatened more then just Germany, he wrote a book titled 8766 The International Jew 8767 after he read a copy of the Protocols of Zion in which he warned against the international threat the usurious Jews posed.
    This documentary failed to mention that book which Ford wrote.
    It should be noted that Ford or Hitler were also against the mass murder of the Jews, this is nothing but a Zionist fabrication to hide the crimes they themselves commit, as well as to use it as leverage to create their pseudo Jewish state.

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    One has to wonder if one 8767 s head could be instantly infused w/ all the REAL truth of just this cycle of human history, would our heads explode like the woman NAZI in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull who insisted she receive all the knowledge of the Universe in one download! That 8767 s probably why just such a download is only given after the transition to the afterlife although some may actually be encoded in our 8766 junk 8767 DNA.

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    Wanderer, good luck with the drugs. I see a few really good medical uses for psychedelics. Expanding one 8767 s consciousness is not one of them.

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    They don 8767 t traffic in LSD. LSD expands consciousness and raises one 8767 s vibrational frequency that is exactly what they are and have been attempting to prevent for millenia. Plus, there is no market it for it anymore. They were through with LSD as soon as they figured out it was at best, unreliable for mind control. Rather than aid their cause, LSD threatened their cause. The last thing they want is for you to discover your true, divine connection.

    It 8767 s my understanding that pornographic depictions of Marie Antoinette 8767 s 8766 perverse love life 8767 were widely circulated throughout France (by the 8766 usual suspects 8767 w/ the usual MO) to ensure that the populace was sufficiently incensed to justify a takedown of the Royals and that the King could have defended himself had he chosen to have his French troops fire upon the people he chose not to and subsequently all went to the guillotine. I imagine similar tactics were employed against Czar Nicholas II to eliminate him & his heirs so as to continue the charade agenda playing out to this day. Came across the info that the Windsors were really German not so long ago, too in the book The Gods of Eden?

    The Intel that Bushes and England royalty are average lowlife bastard no good sodomites with too much cash, real estates and titles is already known from the rooftops of the entire world. I can still see hope for both royalty and commoners as long as there are no enormous defence spending budgets because that cannot be hidden from folks who are still needed as gunpowder, tailors and boot makers. Not to mention the medical and pharmaceutical miracle workers.

    There are no shortcuts, JS. LSD and psychedelics in general will most certainly aid you in raising your vibrational frequency. They are tools for those who know and respect their true purpose. No, they don 8767 t produce enlightenment, but they will help you transcend the ego and the illusion of seperation. If you 8767 re not ready to transcend the illusion, you won 8767 t. I have already achieved this over 75 years ago. Not an ego statement, just the truth. I came awake at a very early age. That does not mean I am fully conscious. Just that I transcended the illusion and remebered. I have remembered much, but not all. I look most forward to being fully conscious in the flesh.

    Well, they can play hot potatoe with each other all they want, but it 8767 s wholly transparent and amusing. They would have better luck with it if they had aired it on network . lol

    This must be the 8775 Official Rothschild Conspiracy Theory 8776 concerning the JFK assassination. To be honest, I thought 95% of it was very good and factual, and I was aware of Dulles 8767 involvement, so that wasn 8767 t new. But its that other 65% which seems to have been intentionally omitted and fabricated that concerns me. I will be anxiously awaiting the other guilty faction 8767 s version. Nothing could be better for us than having the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans at each others throats.

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