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    For some background, when MSBuild needs to build a solution file, it is converted in memory to an MSBuild project file. If you have the envrionment variable msbuildemitsolution set to the value of 6 . Then this file will be written out to a file. The file name will be SOLUTION_.

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    Ok, previously there was another entry on the MSDN Forum about how to set an Envrionment variable using MSBuild. To let you know where I'm going with this, I'd like to have MSBuild be responsible for creating this file and for me to add steps before and after the building of my solution. The task to create the envrionment variable is shown below, this was written by Keith Hill and is at the previous link

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    The implications of this are subtle but very simple once a property has been set which has dependent properties you must not overwrite that property. This is because when a dependent property is encountered it is evaluated immediately. You cannot re-evaluate that property. So if you set a property during your build, some existing dependent properties which were evaluated before the value change will continue to use the old value. There is no way to re-evaluate those properties.

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    Target Print:
    Print target called
    Dest: E:\Data

    I recently answered a question on with MSBuild and wrap contained projects into targets and wanted to share that content here as well. I’ll expand a bit more on it here.

    Previously you could only get the MSDN Library if you were an MSDN Subscriber. I think its great that Microsoft made the MSDN Library free to download. It's a great resource and contains all kinds of goodies developers.

    Get accurate data on calls execution time. In the timeline profiling mode, get the same call time data but bound to a timeline. Use timeline data to analyze performance issues where the order of events matters, such as UI freezes, excessive garbage collection, uneven workload distribution, inefficient file I/O, and others.

    Now all you need to do is to place this file into the folder that contains your solution and call msbuild on it with:
        > DreamCatcher_ /t:BuildSolution
    The DefaultTargets is set to BuildSolution so you can take that off actually.

    The homepage will have a link for each project (the value provided as ), which will take you to the project overview. Clicking on any of the links on the overview page will take you to the drill-down data for that metric.

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