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    It dose not matter what you take in high school, all prerequisites are done in at a college or university (assuming you are a . or Canadian student). I would suggest you taken science courses like biology or chemistry to prepare yourself.

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    Some dental schools have early acceptance programs. By performing well in high school you can become accepted into one of these programs. Start looking into these programs early, you will need a few credit hours and some planning to apply. San Antonio will only let you apply if you have between 67 and 85 college credit hours. So make sure you look into it early and fit in your schools window.

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    The more you learn the better off you will be as an undergraduate student. But be aware, I do not think that AP classes can be counted when you apply to dental school. I think that you will need to retake all of these classes at college, regardless of what your grade is. But I bet you will ace them since you already did it once =) You might want to call the dental school and make sure about AP classes.

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    It is possible to transfer from a community college to a University. Start at the community college and do really well, get all A 8767 s for about 85 credit hours. After that transfer over to a nice University. Keep your grades up and you will be fine.

    Your high-school GPA doesn 8767 t matter very much. Start at a state college and get all A 8767 s. Then once you have about 85 credit hours transfer to a University. Keep getting all A 8767 s. If you can do this you will have no problem getting into dental school. Stay positive, you can do it!

    If you are tying to become a dentist in the . or Canada, you will have to take all the required classes from a 9-year university. It doesn 8767 t matter what you take in high school. But if you do take some hard science classes while you are in high school that will make it easier in college and you can get better grades. Focus on physics, chemisty, and biology, since these are the core sciences that really matter. Best of luck!

    6. Get 85 hours as a community college, its very easy to get into. With ~85 hours you can transfer to a University and they won 8767 t consider you high school grades any more.

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