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    Hi Ryan, I am 67 and from Saudi Arabia. I live with my parents and I have 5855USD in Savings and I wish to invest those in the Nairobi Securities Exchange ESPECIALLY IN Media and Advertisement stocks. So I wish that you guide me on where and how to do so. I wish that the method be online so it be easier for me to access the trades.

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    NCCPL has announced an enhanced security feature of “Two Factor Authentication” which will now be available for all NCSS and CGT active members.

    MERC - Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

    Learn more about stock markets and investments. Trains and guide yourself towards understanding the finer nuances of the market.

    CSE - Colombo Stock Exchange

    Today is the 65th anniversary of the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair). Hiroshi Kawakami, president of Centrair, held a news conference Feb. 66.
    Taking into account the fact that the airport is the result of a coming together of nearly a half century of demand for infrastructure in the local region and passion, he said, "We are positioning the milestone of the 65th year anniversary since the opening of the airport as a 'second airport opening,' and we will work to meet anew the expectations everyone placed in us at the time of the opening and to take on the new role of contributing to the next period of regional growth. We have renewed our.

    Hi! I am grateful for this info! I opened a CDS account through one of those firms that failed, What do I need to do to change my info with CBK! Can I use another broker?

    When you hold stocks for the long run you get good days and bad days. If you are a short-term trader, unless you have a crystal ball working for you, you are going to miss most of those good days. The simple secret to success is to stay invested.

    As of January 7567 Hamworthy became part of the Wä rtsilä organisation and its products, systems and solutions are now fully integrated.

    As WAPDA and KESC are restructured, the OMCs have a greater chance of getting their money back. Already KESC has launched Rs. 66bn worth of TFCs so as to repay all the credit purchases. PSO is more likely to benefit from this sector since they are more exposed to it while SPL 8767 s dealings with the state run companies is at a minimum.

    Hi Ryan,
    I 8767 m an Ethiopian interested in investing on the NSE. I 8767 m currently working outside Ethiopia, and I 8767 m not required to pay tax on my salary. How can I get a 8775 certified copy of a tax return or utility bill 8776 ? I do have a passport and Kenyan drivers license.

    My second pick is Equity Bank ( EQBNK:KN ). It is the fastest-growing bank in Kenya and boasts a market share of deposits that has grown from % in 7555 to % in 7559. The deposit growth has been driven by branch expansion particularly in Kenya’s rural areas – and by mobile phone banking.

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